ChuckleVision. Image shows from L to R: Paul Chuckle (Paul Elliott), Barry Chuckle (Barry Elliott)


  • TV sitcom
  • BBC One
  • 1987 - 2009
  • 291 episodes (21 series)

A long running, high rating BBC One children's sitcom following the Chuckle Brother's latest crazy antics. Stars Paul Elliott, Barry Elliott, Jimmy Patton, Brian Patton, Billy Butler and Simon Lovell

Key cast & crew credits

Paul Elliott Paul Chuckle
Barry Elliott Barry Chuckle
Jimmy Patton No Slacking (Series 3-21)
Brian Patton Getoutofit (Series 7-20)
Billy Butler Storyteller (Series 1-2)
Simon Lovell Conjurer (Series 1)
Writing team
John Sayle Writer (Series 1-5 & 7-21)
Siobhan Fogarty Writer (Series 17-18)
Tony Millan Writer (Series 16)
Rory Clark Writer (Series 6-21)
Ben Ward Writer (Series 15)
Julian Dutton Writer (Series 18-21)
Nick McIvor Writer (Series 6-8)
Robert Taylor Writer (Series 6-12)
John Sayle Script Editor (Series 9)
Carolyn Mawdsley Script Supervisor (Series 18-19)
Dale Byrne Script Supervisor (Series 18)
Caren Williams Script Supervisor (Series 19-21)
Production team
John F.D. Northover (as John Northover) Director (Series 2)
Michael Towner Director (Series 13)
Jack Jameson Director (Series 18-21)
Sasha Ransome Director (Series 15-17 & 19-21)
Martin Hughes Director (Series 10-11 & 14-18)
Celia Thomson Director (Series 1)
Ken Robertson Director (Series 5-9)
Dominic MacDonald (as Dominic McDonald) Director (Series 13)
Martin Hughes Producer (Series 1-12 & 14-18)
Ken Robertson Producer (Series 9)
Jonathan Brown Producer (Series 19-21)
Dominic MacDonald (as Dominic McDonald) Producer (Series 13)
Joe Godwin Executive Producer (Series 18-21)
Anne Gilchrist Executive Producer (Series 16-17)
Chris Bellinger Executive Producer (Series 14-15)
Erica Joyce Associate Producer (Series 10)
John F.D. Northover (as John Northover) Assistant Producer (Series 2)
Sasha Ransome Assistant Producer (Series 14-17)
Jack Jameson Assistant Producer (Series 18)
James Steel Assistant Producer (Series 18)
Peter Marsh Editor (Series 1)
David Shore Editor (Series 1)
Christine Royle Editor (Series 2)
Helen Mandt Editor (Series 2-4)
Adrian Udal Editor (Series 5)
Paul Hagan Editor (Series 5)
Anthony Jarvis Editor (Series 14-15)
David Austin VT Editor (Series 6-8)
Stephen Newnham VT Editor (Series 7-11)
Mike Holliday (as Michael Holliday) VT Editor (Series 16-17 & 19-21)
Simon Cruse VT Editor (Series 16-21)
Michelle Turkington VT Editor (Series 17-20)
Jennifer Connolley Production Designer (Series 1)
Paul Montague Production Designer (Series 2)
Mark Stonehouse Production Designer (Series 3-9)
Mark Paine Production Designer (Series 8)
Petra Cox Production Designer (Series 14)
Elizabeth Loach Production Designer (Series 14-15)
Richard Drew Production Designer (Series 16)
Jo Tague Production Designer (Series 17-18)
Richard Hornsby Production Designer (Series 19-20)
Tracey Macario Production Designer (Series 21)
Mike O'Neill Costume Designer (Series 1)
Lesley Staves Costume Designer (Series 2 & 4-5)
Sue Smith Costume Designer (Series 3)
Leah Archer Costume Designer (Series 6-8)
Nadia Nigoumi Costume Designer (Series 9)
Barbara Sweryda Costume Designer (Series 10)
Joanna Beatty (as Jo Beatty) Costume Designer (Series 14-20)
Tom Reeve Costume Designer (Series 14-20)
Jennifer Aspinall Costume Designer (Series 18)
Penelope Bell Costume Designer (Series 19)
Eleanor Bell Costume Designer (Series 20)
Nigel Bradley Director of Photography (Series 21)
Linda Haysman Costume Designer (Series 21)
Josie Thomas Costume Designer (Series 21)
Elizabeth McClusky (as Elizabeth McCluskey) Make-up Designer (Series 3)
Louise Walker Make-up Designer (Series 4-11)
Marilyn Macdonald Make-up Designer (Series 14)
Mandy Gold Make-up Designer (Series 14-15)
Kay Smith Make-up Designer (Series 16-19)
Jane Cole Make-up Designer (Series 18-19)
Polly Fehily Make-up Designer (Series 18)
Gill Hall Make-up Designer (Series 20)
Su Scully (as Sue Scully) Make-up Designer (Series 20)
Lisa Grimwade Make-up Designer (Series 21)
Dai Thomas Lighting Designer (Series 1)
Alan Wilson Lighting Designer (Series 2)
Dave Cooke Composer
Ian Bate Graphics (Series 3)
Lucy Fewell Assistant Art Director (Series 17)
Alex Evans Art Designer (Series 21)
Paul Cargill Sound Designer (Series 1-2 & 4)
Dave Beer Camera (Series 1-2)
Chris Sudgen-Smith Camera (Series 1)
Julian Balchin Camera (Series 1)
Jill Dornan Vision Mixer (Series 1-2)
Donna Di Stefano Floor Manager (Series 1-2)
Janet Harris Production Assistant (Series 1)
Rupert Murray Sound Designer (Series 1)
Robin Standeven Floor Manager (Series 2)
Shirley Chadwick Production Assistant (Series 2)
Julie Corcoran Production Assistant (Series 2)
Mike McDonald Camera (Series 2)
Taddy Chamney Floor Manager (Series 2)
Sara Jayne Phillips Vision Mixer (Series 2)
Graham Veevers Camera (Series 2)
Dennis Cartwright Sound Designer (Series 3)
David Jackson Camera (Series 2)
Michael Farr Camera (Series 3)
Louise Coppard Production Assistant (Series 3)
Jonathan Crofts Production Assistant (Series 3)
Taddy Chamney Production Assistant (Series 3)
Bernie Lowe Camera (Series 4)
Annie Harrison-Baxter Location Manager (Series 4)
Jackie Williamson Production Assistant (Series 4)
Geoff Kay Camera (Series 4)
Boyd Cochrane Camera (Series 5)
John Chester Camera (Series 5)
Dion Davie Sound Designer (Series 5)
Fred Newell Properties (Series 5)
Caroline Thomas Production Assistant (Series 5)
Francis Gilson Production Assistant (Series 5 & 8-9)
Clare Plater Production Assistant (Series 5)
Rachel Dison Production Assistant (Series 5)
Dave Hunter Camera (Series 6-11 & 14-16)
Phil Jones Camera (Series 6-8)
Tim Davies Sound Designer (Series 6-8)
Simon Scrivener Sound Designer (Series 6-8)
Fiona Bambrough Stott Properties (Series 6)
Terry Pettigrew Production Manager (Series 6)
Vicky Duffy Production Assistant (Series 6)
Jo Randall Production Assistant (Series 7 & 9)
John Baldock Production Assistant (Series 7-8)
Claudia Marciante Production Assistant (Series 7)
Bernadette Allison Production Assistant (Series 7-9)
John Hollywood Production Assistant (Series 7-10)
Naomi Read Production Assistant (Series 8)
Ron Stewart Sound Designer (Series 8)
Tanya Severn Production Assistant (Series 8-9)
Mike Graham Camera (Series 9)
Chris Syner Sound Designer (Series 9)
Polly Mason Production Assistant (Series 9)
Richie Hogg Camera (Series 10)
Richard Merrick Sound Designer (Series 10-11 & 14-21)
Brian Cottol Production Assistant (Series 10-11 & 14-16)
Guy Rhodes Properties (Series 10-11)
Emma Woodrow Production Assistant (Series 10)
Jo Randall Production Manager (Series 10)
Richard Stoddard Camera (Series 14-17)
Amanda Walsh Location Manager (Series 14-15)
Hazel Taylor Production Manager (Series 14)
Chris Atkinson Sound Designer (Series 14-17)
Raj Uppal Stage Manager (Series 14-15)
Diana May Jones Production Manager (Series 14-16 & 19-21)
Jonathan Stott Location Manager (Series 16-17)
Lucy Fewell Stage Manager (Series 16)
Allan Barratt Camera (Series 17)
Gareth Hughes Camera (Series 17)
Mickey Powell Properties (Series 17-21)
Paul Ryan Properties (Series 17)
Nageena Ahmed Production Manager (Series 17)
Ken Robertson Location Manager (Series 17)
Colin Hazelwood Camera (Series 18-20)
Donna Dixon Production Assistant (Series 18)
Karen Knowles Production Manager (Series 18)
Simon Scott Location Manager (Series 18-21)
Jason Devlin Sound Designer (Series 19)
Nici Hewitson Production Assistant (Series 19)
Diana Bond Smith Sound Designer (Series 20-21)
Caroline Green Production Manager (Series 20)
Ken Hawkins Location Manager (Series 20)
Ian Nelson Camera (Series 21)
Alan Colter Film Sound (Series 1-2)
Malcolm Hill Film Sound (Series 1-3)
Vicky Matthews Assistant Floor Manager (Series 1)
Tony Greenwood Dubbing Mixer (Series 4)
Barry Bonner Dubbing Mixer (Series 5-6)
Jem Whippey Dubbing Mixer (Series 5 & 8)
Brian Clark Dubbing Mixer (Series 7-8)
Stephen Abrahams Assistant Floor Manager (Series 6)
Patrick Stephens Runner (Series 6)
Julian Blake Dubbing Mixer (Series 9)
Tony Dunne Electrician (Series 10-11)
Andy Hewitt Dubbing Mixer (Series 10-11 & 14-16)
Caroline Caley Assistant Floor Manager (Series 10)
Jackie Lee Production Secretary (Series 10)
John Barker Gaffer (Series 14-20)
Raj Uppal Assistant Floor Manager (Series 14)
Hannah Dyson Runner (Series 14)
Nick Palmer Script Supervisor (Series 14-17)
Ian Brannan Runner (Series 14-15)
Jo Tague Production Buyer (Series 14-16)
Yasmin Jacobs Runner (Series 16-17)
Sarah Hayes Productior Co-Ordinator (Series 16-17)
Dave Hunter Director of Photography (Series 17-20)
Tudor Davies Dubbing Mixer (Series 17-20)
Joanna Fulcher Runner (Series 17)
Chris Turner Assistant Floor Manager (Series 18)
Nick Dennis Runner (Series 18)
Asli Akbay Runner (Series 18)
Richard Sillitto Dubbing Mixer (Series 18 & 20)
Lucy Fewell Assistant Floor Manager (Series 19)
Laura Cowcher Runner (Series 19)
Catherine Land Assistant Floor Manager (Series 20)
Sue Vogel Production Co-Ordinator (Series 20)
Caroline Jagger Runner (Series 20)
Ossie Jung Gaffer (Series 21)
Ben Hood Dubbing Mixer (Series 21)
Rachel Kerrison Evans Production Co-Ordinator (Series 21)
Jessica Cadwallader Runner (Series 21)

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