Car Share. Image shows from L to R: John Redmond (Peter Kay), Kayleigh Kitson (Sian Gibson). Copyright: Goodnight Vienna Productions.

Car Share

BBC One sitcom about two employees driving to work together. 12 episodes (2 series), 2015 - 2018. Stars Peter Kay, Sian Gibson, Danny Swarsbrick and Guy Garvey.

Car Share. Image shows from L to R: Kayleigh Kitson (Sian Gibson), John Redmond (Peter Kay). Copyright: Goodnight Vienna Productions.

Peter Kay and Sian Gibson interview

The BAFTA award winning Car Share returns to BBC One on Bank Holiday Monday for a final special.

It sees Peter Kay and Sian Gibson reprising their roles as John Redmond and Kayleigh Kitson, two supermarket workers forced to commute together in a car share scheme and watches as they drive to and from work to the sounds of fictional radio station Forever FM.

Car Share viewers were left in dismay last year after Kayleigh finally admitted her true feelings for John, but he refused to say how he felt as she stepped out of his car and seemingly out of his life for good. Fans of the show even set up an online petition demanding a conclusion to the series, which gathered over 100,000 signatures.

When the finale was announced, Peter Kay said: "We were completely overwhelmed by the response and even though we've no plans to write a third series we knew we couldn't end the story there."

This brand new last episode will reveal just what happens next to John and Kayleigh. Will they finally get together?

Car Share. Image shows from L to R: John Redmond (Peter Kay), Kayleigh Kitson (Sian Gibson). Copyright: Goodnight Vienna Productions.

The end of the last series had viewers screaming at the TV, will this new episode have the same affect?

Peter: Who knows? Well I just hope they won't be screaming at the telly again.

Sian: Even I was screaming at the telly and I knew what happened.

Where you surprised to hear fans had set up a petition demanding 'more Car Share?'

Sian: Yes, that was crazy.

Peter: You'd never believe that it'd ever have that kind of effect. A petition!

Sian: I signed it... twice!

People really do care about the characters...

Peter: Yes, and that is incredibly flattering. We always knew the second series would end that way and we thought people might be a bit miffed, but never thought they would be so devastated. We decided to write another episode that hopefully gave the characters a resolve, and I thought let's hold this back until the repeat of the second series. It was hard to keep it a secret after the reaction we got, but we never said that there wouldn't be any more Car Share...we just said there wouldn't be a third series...

What has been the funniest scene to film?

Sian: The scenes when we were dressed as Harry Potter and Hagrid, giving Elsie the female Smurf a lift home from a works do.

Peter: Oh yeah, they were almost as hard as the ones with Reece Shearsmith as Stink Ray in the first series. You are just constantly cracking up laughing.

Car Share. Image shows from L to R: John Redmond (Peter Kay), Kayleigh Kitson (Sian Gibson), Elsie (Conleth Hill). Copyright: Goodnight Vienna Productions.

Conleth Hill, who is Lord Varys in Game Of Thrones, plays Elsie. How did that piece of casting come about?

Sian: Whilst writing that episode we kept thinking about female actors like Julie Walters or Kathy Burke but then Peter suggested Conleth.

Peter: Conleth and I became very good friends after I met him whilst I was in The Producers. I really think he's one of the funniest most naturally talented people I know. He had already played Geraldine's Mum in Britain's Got The Pop Factor... so I knew he could play a woman and I thought it'd be a lot of fun. Luckily he wasn't working on Game Of Thrones so was able to do it.

Sian: You've never seen Game Of Thrones have you?

Peter: No.

Sian: It's amazing.

Peter: So I hear.

Sian: You'd love it.

Peter: I saw a bit of one once, some bloke with a cage tied to his face getting his nose gnawed off by a rat.

Sian: Oh, that only happened once.

Peter: Once was enough. I was eating my tea! There was no need.

Sian: There's lots of rudey-doody in it.

Peter: Rudey-doody?

Sian: Shagging!

Peter: I know what you mean! Anyway I don't want to know that, my Mum watches it.
So where were we....?

Sian: You were talking about Conleth.

Peter: Oh yeah! He was hilarious and we just couldn't film the scenes for laughing, we even had to come back the next night to finish filming it and it we still laughed! There are some great out-takes.

What will you miss the most about John & Kayleigh?

Sian: I'll miss all the fun we have filming, but as I see Peter all the time, it doesn't feel like they've gone away.

Peter: You don't see me all the time?

Sian: Well, we speak nearly everyday.

Peter: We do, but I haven't been over to your house in ages.

Sian: I prefer coming to yours.

Peter: I know, cause you get waited on hand and foot...

Sian: As if! When?

Peter: How many salmon stir-fries did I make when we were writing?

Sian: How should I know?

Peter: You see I won't miss John and Kayleigh... we're right here.

Sian: True (laughing)

Car Share. Image shows from L to R: John Redmond (Peter Kay), Kayleigh Kitson (Sian Gibson). Copyright: Goodnight Vienna Productions.

What's your fondest memory of working on the show?

Sian: I like filming a lot but I really enjoyed writing the series. We'd meet up at Paul's [writer Paul Coleman] or Peter's and have something to eat.

Peter: See, salmon stir-fry again!

Sian: Alright, salmon stir-fry, what's the big deal?

Peter: Hold on, how many times did Paul and me come writing at your house?

Sian: Loads of times [mumbling]

Peter: How many?

Sian: Tonnes [muttering]

Peter: How about never!!

Sian: Well it was nice for me to have a day out and come over and see you both. Anyway we got it written didn't we?

Peter: We did [laughing]. I love the whole process, from start to finish, but editing is my favourite. One person who shouldn't be overlooked is Matt Brown, he edited the whole series and creatively he added a lot of detail. I'll miss working with him until the next project.

Which is?

Peter: Er...

[Sian and Peter look at each other]

Sian: That'd be telling?

Ah, so will you be working together again?

Peter: Hopefully.

Sian: Definitely!

Peter: Definitely. Right I better get some salmon in.

Sian: Fab, I'll bring the stir-fry round [they both laugh]

Finally, is this really the last ever Car Share?

Sian: Never say never.

Peter: Well, unless you're waiting on an invite to Sian's house.

Sian: Leave it. [laughing]

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Published: Tuesday 22nd May 2018