Campus. Image shows from L to R: Georgina 'George' Bryan (Katherine Ryan), Jonty de Wolfe (Andy Nyman). Copyright: Monicker Pictures


  • TV sitcom
  • Channel 4
  • 2009 - 2011
  • 7 episodes (1 series)

Semi-improvised sitcom set on a university campus, following its unhinged staff. Stars Andy Nyman, Joseph Millson, Lisa Jackson, Jonathan Bailey, Sara Pascoe and more.

Press clippings

Radio Times review

Joseph Millson's role in Campus catered for a particular audience. As English professor Matt Beer in Victoria Pile's comedy, he started out a womanising layabout and ended up... well, a more sensitive layabout. Millson speaks enthusiastically of a rehearsal and improvisation process that enabled the close-knit cast to have more creative input than normal on a TV project.

Sadly, a second series was not to be - "which is very confusing because it was commissioned - it was written, I believe - and then at the 11th hour dropped by Channel 4.

"I've got my own theory, I don't care if I get sued for it - I think it's because the very wonderful series called Fresh Meat was slated at a similar time, and they probably didn't want two university comedies. Although I think they would have complemented each other brilliantly."

Laura Pledger, Radio Times, 6th December 2011

Channel 4 axes university sitcom Campus

Channel 4 have cancelled Campus, the university-set sitcom starring starring Andy Nyman and written by the team behind Green Wing.

British Comedy Guide, 29th June 2011

Campus episode 6 review

A bit of Glee brings the curtain down on Campus, presumably for the last time. Here's Louisa's review...

Louisa Mellor, Den Of Geek, 16th May 2011

Campus DVD review

Some comedy gold, here especially from comic/magician Andy Nyman, but it's ultimately a flop.

Chris Hallam, Movie Muser, 16th May 2011

Campus episode 5 review: Post Coital

Campus settles into a working pattern, just as the curtain is about to fall on the series. Here's Louisa's review...

Louisa Mellor, Den Of Geek, 8th May 2011

Win a copy of Campus on DVD

Win a copy of Channel 4's Campus on DVD with

Spoonfed, 5th May 2011

Campus episode 4 review

Even though the rest of the country seems to have turned against it, Louisa continues to fly the flag for Channel 4's Campus...

Louisa Mellor, Den Of Geek, 27th April 2011

Campus episode 3 review: Hurricane George

Is Campus losing its mean streak? And is this to the detriment of the series? Louisa checks out the latest episode...

Louisa Mellor, Den Of Geek, 20th April 2011

Channel 4's unloved successor to Green Wing continues on its wobbly course. Perhaps it's the result of trying to fill up an hour of screen time, but some scenes here are dire - flat, crude or plain unpleasant - then a lovely comic idea will be tossed aside in the kind of scene most sitcoms could base a whole episode around. This week, Kirke University's vice chancellor reveals he's a former jockey, stands with a live owl on his head, toasts a crumpet on a video image of a fire, sells melons from his golf cart, gets a turban - and so on. The screwball surrealism is overdone, but there are more human touches, too: accommodation officer Nicole finds new ways to flirt with (and unsettle) accounts square Jason, while Lydia takes a collection for her own birthday.

David Butcher, Radio Times, 19th April 2011

Campus 'comedy' fails to charm

What a disappointment this is turning out to be. I even gave it two weeks, in the hope it might improve, but it's only getting worse.

Roz Laws, Sunday Mercury, 17th April 2011

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