Breeders. Image shows from L to R: Paul (Martin Freeman), Jim (Alun Armstrong), Jackie (Joanna Bacon), Ally (Daisy Haggard). Copyright: Avalon Television


  • TV sitcom
  • Sky One / Sky Comedy
  • 2020 - 2023
  • 40 episodes (4 series)

Dark comedy starring Martin Freeman and Daisy Haggard as stressed parents. Also features Alun Armstrong, Joanna Bacon, Alex Eastwood, Eve Prenelle, Patrick Baladi and more.

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Breeders Series 2 confirmed

Breeders, the parenting comedy starring Martin Freeman and Daisy Haggard, will return for a second series.

British Comedy Guide, 18th May 2020

Breeders review

A couple we can honestly believe in but also a drama for modern times; not sure, in fact, whether it should even qualify as "comedy", though "dramedy" sounds like being force-fed a sour-bourbon medicine.

Euan Ferguson, The Observer, 12th April 2020

Martin Freeman goes where other parenting dramas don't

Breeders feels as much a confessional piece as it is a sublimely funny comedy.

Josh Stephenson, Metro, 24th March 2020

TV review: Breeders

Why are TV producers trying to convince everyone it's funny to shout at your children?

Camilla Long, The Sunday Times, 15th March 2020

The week in TV: Breeders; Maggie Cole; Inside No. 9

Martin Freeman and Daisy Haggard impress in a sweary parental comedy, while Dawn French's village busybody is Pam Ayres without the laughs.

Euan Ferguson, The Observer, 15th March 2020

Review: Breeders

Perhaps family planning centres should screen it in their waiting rooms as a more effective form of contraception.

Claudia Connell, Daily Mail, 13th March 2020

Breeders review

The filth and the fury of modern parenting.

Carol Midgley, The Times, 13th March 2020

Daisy Haggard interview

'You don't see people swearing at their kids on TV'.

Ed Cumming, The Independent, 12th March 2020

The joys and (mostly) traumas of parenting are laid bare in this new comedy starring Martin Freeman and Daisy Haggard as relatively new parents of two, reminiscing about their carefree, childless days in the midst of sleepless nights and rage-fuelled tantrums. The first episode follows a night during which Freeman deals with his nightmare-prone son while trying to prepare for a big work presentation. Tune in for Freeman on top form as the wry and exasperated Paul, channelling the sarcasm of his Office days.

Ammar Kalia, The Guardian, 12th March 2020

Breeders review

Martin Freeman is the perennially good-natured screen everyman. But in the new Sky comedy Breeders, which he co-created, his character Paul is forced to concede: "I'm not a nice man."

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 12th March 2020

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