Blackadder. Mr. Edmund Blackadder, Esquire (Rowan Atkinson)


  • TV sitcom
  • BBC One
  • 1983 - 2000
  • 26 episodes (4 series)

The Blackadder dynasty has run through English history since time immemorial, seemingly always hampered by a Baldrick, and often a Percy and Melchett. Stars Rowan Atkinson, Tony Robinson, Tim McInnerny, Hugh Laurie, Stephen Fry and more.

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Blackadder - The Complete Collection

On Blu-ray for the first time, plus all new extras!

The Blackadder
Starring Rowan Atkinson as Edmund Duke Of Edinburgh, with Tony Robinson as Baldrick, Brian Blessed as King Richard IV, Tim McInnerny as Percy, Elspet Gray as the Queen and Robert East as Prince Harry. Plus Peter Cook as Richard III, Miriam Margolyes as Princess Maria, and Rik Mayall as Mad Gerald.

Blackadder II
Starring Rowan Atkinson as Lord Blackadder with Tony Robinson as Baldrick, Tim McInnerny as Lord Percy, Miranda Richardson as Queenie, Stephen Fry as Lord Melchett and Patsy Byrne as Nursie. Plus Rik Mayall as Flashheart, Tom Baker as Captain Rum, Ronald Lacey as the Bishop, Miriam Margolyes as Lady Whiteadder, and Hugh Laurie as Ludwig.

Blackadder The Third
Starring Rowan Atkinson as Edmund Blackadder with Tony Robinson as Baldrick, Hugh Laurie as The Prince Regent and Helen Atkinson-Wood as Mrs Miggins. Plus Robbie Coltrane as Dr Samuel Johnson, Chris Barrie as a French revolutionary and Stephen Fry as the Duke of Wellington.

Blackadder Goes Forth
Starring Rowan Atkinson as Capt. Edmund Blackadder, Tony Robinson as Pte. S Baldrick, Stephen Fry as Gen. Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett, Hugh Laurie as Lt. The Hon George Colthurst St. Barleigh and Tim McInnerny as Capt. Kevin Darling. With Rik Mayall as Squadron Commander Lord Flasheart, Adrian Edmondson as Baron von Richthoven, Miranda Richardson as Nurse Mary and Geoffrey Palmer as Field Marshal Dougie Haig.

Also includes the specials Blackadder's Christmas Carol and The Cavalier Years, plus 25th anniversary documentary Blackadder Rides Again.

Blackadder Back & Forth is also included, newly remastered in HD from the original film, and available to watch optionally with or without a laughter track.

These episodes have been restored and remastered using the existing film where available, with any standard definition content professionally upscaled during the process.

First released: Monday 4th December 2023

Extra features

  • Never seen before deleted scenes from Series 1 (in HD)
  • Raw studio footage from the second and fourth series
  • A long montage of interviews and clips from the archives
  • Trailers and promotional materials used by BBC TV
  • Photo gallery: A mix of BBC images and behind the scenes photos from the production team
  • New audio commentaries with John Lloyd, Chris Wadsworth, Brian Blessed and others
  • From previous DVD releases: Baldrick's Video Diary, interviews and audio commentaries

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