A Little Bit Of Wisdom. Norman (Norman Wisdom). Copyright: Associated Television.

A Little Bit Of Wisdom

ITV sitcom with Norman Wisdom. 20 episodes (3 series), 1974 - 1976. Stars Norman Wisdom, Neil McCarthy, Robert Keegan and Frances White.

Series 3

1. The Ladder

First broadcast: Tuesday 30th March 1976

Working as a clerk in a builder's office demands an agile brain and a practical mind - which spells trouble for Norman. But he does have a sense of duty. And when his flatmate, Alec Potter, borrows a ladder without telling the boss, Norman takes steps to put things right - only to end up with his foot firmly on the wrong rung.


2. A Present For Linda

First broadcast: Tuesday 6th April 1976

It should be happy returns all round for Norman and the boss's daughter as he goes looking for a birthday present for her. But Alec pulls a fast one and Norman is left pushing his luck.


3. Double Trouble

First broadcast: Tuesday 13th April 1976

Norman is not the person to have around when the company goes into double glazing.


4. To Catch A Thief

First broadcast: Tuesday 20th April 1976

For Norman there is only one possible answer to the problem of sharing a room with Alec - partition. And when Albert, the boss, notices the stocks of timber at the builders' yard have dwindled, Norman becomes the prime suspect. So the innocent at large sets out to trap the true villain of the piece.


5. The Party's Over

First broadcast: Tuesday 27th April 1976

Not even the artfulness of Alec can separate his new girlfriend from her chaperone.


6. Firebug

First broadcast: Tuesday 4th May 1976

When Norman takes an interest in Alec's health, the remedy sparks off more than he bargained for.


7. Otherwise Engaged

First broadcast: Tuesday 11th May 1976

With the boss down with flu, Norman develops a taste for management.