A Little Bit Of Wisdom. Norman (Norman Wisdom). Copyright: Associated Television.

A Little Bit Of Wisdom

ITV sitcom with Norman Wisdom. 20 episodes (3 series), 1974 - 1976. Stars Norman Wisdom, Neil McCarthy, Robert Keegan and Frances White.

Series 1

1. The Magic Monkey Of Kubla Khan

First broadcast: Tuesday 9th April 1974

Norman's luck seems to have changed when he buys a monkey from an old man in the park, and promptly starts winning a fortune. But fate cannot allow such luck to last...


2. Public Enemy

First broadcast: Tuesday 16th April 1974

A heavy thunderstorm drives Norman to shelter in an auction room. There, he becomes victim of a freakish chain of accidents. Among other things, he finds himself ducking from an explosion, sticking arms on the Venus de Milo and trying to avoid being cut up by a nasty bit of work called Mr. Big.


3. A Little Bit Of Respect

First broadcast: Tuesday 23rd April 1974

Are you a seven-stone weakling? Do you get sand kicked in your face? Even by women? Then follow Norman's example and get into uniform. Everybody respects a uniform - or so believes Norman. Yet he's too small to join the police force, nearly drowns as a lifeguard, and faints as a first-aid man! Finally, he goes for an interview as a night security officer...


4. I Gotta Hearse

First broadcast: Tuesday 30th April 1974

When you gotta go, you gotta go. But there's no guarantee you'll arrive if Norman is driving the hearse!


5. Who Was That Lady?

First broadcast: Tuesday 7th May 1974

Deirdre St. John Featherstone-Haugh is beautiful, classy, unscrupulous - and she has her beady eyes on Norman. Not that she fancies him, it's just that she needs an accomplice to help her claim a fortune. Suffering from amnesia, Norman becomes a pawn in her fraudulent game. He finds himself posing as a leading member of the aristocracy and an ex-head-boy of Eton.


6. And I Mean That Most Sincerely

First broadcast: Tuesday 14th May 1974

Cheer up - you are brighter than you think. At least, that's what Norman discovers when he finds himself the star performer on a television quiz show.


7. The Angels Want Me For A Sunbeam

First broadcast: Tuesday 21st May 1974

When Norman's around anything can happen - and usually does. Who else on a building site could misdirect the operator of a ball-and-chain machine into destroying the loo-hut while the foreman is inside? After such a classic clanger, Norman wonders whether life is still worthwhile - an attitude destined to lead him where angels fear to tread.