A League Of Their Own. Image shows from L to R: Jamie Redknapp, Romesh Ranganathan, Andrew Flintoff. Copyright: CPL Productions
A League Of Their Own

A League Of Their Own

  • TV panel show
  • Sky Max / Sky One
  • 2010 - 2021
  • 141 episodes (16 series)

Sports panel show for Sky1, fronted by comedians with a host of sport and celebrity stars. Stars Romesh Ranganathan, James Corden, Jamie Redknapp, Andrew Flintoff, Jack Whitehall and more.

Key cast & crew credits

Romesh Ranganathan Host / Presenter (Series 15-16)
James Corden Host / Presenter (Series 1-14)
Jamie Redknapp Team Captain
Andrew Flintoff Team Captain
Jack Whitehall Regular Panellist (Series 5-12)
John Bishop Regular Panellist (Series 1-6)
Georgie Ainslie (as Georgie Thompson) Regular Panellist (Series 1-5)
Romesh Ranganathan Regular Panellist (Series 13-15)
Writing team
Shaun Pye Writer (Additional Material) (Series 1-13)
Fraser Steele Writer (Additional Material) (Series 1-13)
Simon Bullivant Writer (Additional Material) (Series 1-7)
Lee Stuart Evans Writer (Additional Material) (Series 1-9)
Kevin Day Writer (Additional Material) (Series 1-13)
Aiden Spackman Writer (Additional Material) (Series 1-13)
Martin Trenaman Writer (Additional Material) (Series 1 & 4-5)
Phil Kerr Writer (Additional Material) (Series 2)
Mark Webster Writer (Additional Material) (Series 2)
Dan Swimer Writer (Additional Material) (Series 2 & 5-10)
Christine Rose Writer (Additional Material) (Series 2-6 & 8-11 & 13)
Colin Swash Writer (Additional Material) (Series 2)
Caimh McDonnell Writer (Additional Material) (Series 6-7)
James Menzies Writer (Additional Material) (Series 6-7)
Charlie Skelton Writer (Additional Material) (Series 6-8 & 10)
Rob Colley Writer (Additional Material) (Series 6-10)
Geoff Norcott Writer (Additional Material) (Series 8-10 & 13)
Will Ing Writer (Additional Material) (Series 11-13)
Production team
Steve Smith Director (Series 1-5)
Simon Staffurth Director (Series 3)
Dave Skinner Director (Series 4-5)
Tommy Panays Director (Series 6)
Pete Deagle Director (Series 6)
Richard Van't Riet Director (Series 6-16)
Brian Klein VT Director (Series 8-9 & 13 & 16)
Alex Oldham VT Director (Series 8-9)
David Taylor Series Producer (Series 1-11)
Jack Shillaker Series Producer (Series 13-16)
Lars Bisgaard Series Producer
David Ricketts Producer (Series 2-6)
Ben Wicks Producer (Series 2 & 6-7)
Chris Little Producer (Series 3)
Alex Moody Producer (Series 3)
Tommy Panays Producer (Series 4-6)
Kate Staples Producer (Series 4-5)
Matt Wilkinson Producer (Series 4-5)
Pete Deagle Producer (Series 6)
Luke Shiach Producer (Series 6-9)
Jordan Read Producer (Series 7-8 & 11)
Ish Kalia Producer (Series 8-10 & 15)
Andrew Norgate Producer (Series 8-11)
Ed Ryland Producer (Series 9-10)
Bill Righton Producer (Series 9-13)
Jack Shillaker Producer (Series 10-11)
Amy Billing Producer (Series 13 & 15-16)
Tom Wackett Producer (Series 11)
Bob Fletcher Producer (Series 13)
Emily Pickthall Producer (Series 13)
Ben Ruby Producer (Series 13)
Dom Crofts Producer (Series 15-16)
Nick Drewett Producer (Series 15)
Jayden Murphy Producer (Series 15)
Ross Murray Producer (Series 15-16)
Gareth Roy Producer (Series 15)
Chris Quinn Producer (Series 16)
Juliet Redden Producer (Series 16)
Duncan Gray Executive Producer (Series 1-4)
Danielle Lux Executive Producer
Murray Boland Executive Producer
Jim Pullin Executive Producer (Series 2-10)
Antonia Hurford-Jones Executive Producer (Series 5)
Barbara Lee Executive Producer (Series 6-16)
David Taylor Executive Producer (Series 13-16)
Ish Kalia VT Producer (Series 5-8)
Alex Oldham VT Producer (Series 8-9)
Charlotte Freinberg Edit Producer (Series 13)
Simon Bullivant Edit Producer (Series 15)
Jayden Murphy Edit Producer (Series 16)
Bettina Smith Pre-Titles Producer/Director (Series 16)
Tim Ellison Editor (Series 1-5)
Steve Andrews Editor (Series 1-5)
Duncan Balmain Editor (Series 2-7)
Sam Turner Editor (Series 3-16)
Mykola Pawluk Editor (Series 5)
Joe Orr Editor (Series 5-11 & 13)
Julien Wilcock Editor (Series 6-16)
Phil Lepherd Editor (Series 6-7 & 13)
Nick Meddings Editor (Series 8-10)
Tim Smith Editor (Series 8)
Jon Ellis Editor (Series 8-13)
Lee Strachan Editor (Series 11-13)
Dave Wilson Editor (Series 13)
Chris Staff Editor (Series 15-16)
Dan Smith Editor (Series 16)
Andrew Gates Production Designer
Lynsey Moore Costume Designer (Series 13-16)
Will Slater Composer
Duncan Gray Commissioner (Series 1-5)

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