Room 101 (1992)

  • Radio chat show
  • BBC Radio 5
  • 1992 - 1994
  • 27 episodes (4 series)

Nick Hancock invites a handful of celebrity guests to put the things they hate most of all into Room 101. Stars Nick Hancock.

Room 101 - Highlights From The Classic BBC Radio 5 Comedy Series

Nick Hancock finds out what people, places and pop songs his celebrity guests would consign to oblivion.

Room 101 is the anti-Desert Island Discs. Instead of picking the tracks, books and luxuries they love, guests are invited to banish their least favourite things to Orwell's eponymous chamber of horrors. Twenty-seven episodes of the show were broadcast on Radio 5 between 1992 and 1994, and it went on to run for 18 hit series on BBC TV before relaunching on Radio 4 in 2023.

This specially curated collection contains 16 of the very best editions of the original radio series. Included are the first ever show, in which Paul Merton reveals his aversion to Northanger Abbey, the city of Edinburgh and Kenneth More's laugh, and the final one from 1994, which sees Andy Hamilton hoping to rid the world of Look Back In Anger, Long Haired Lover From Liverpool and Field Of Dreams.

Among the other famous names discussing their bugbears and bĂȘte noires are Helen Lederer, Trevor and Simon, Caroline Quentin, Tony Hawks, Kevin Day, Maria McErlane and Mark Lamarr. Weighing up their arguments (and adding a few prejudices of his own) is host Nick Hancock, who has the final say on what stays and what goes.

Will he let Arthur Smith put Barbara Cartland into Room 101? What has Jenny Eclair got against My Little Pony videos? Why does Ian Hislop detest We Are The Champions? And why does Steve Punt think Platform 5 at East Croydon station is the worst place in the world? All will be revealed in these bright and breezy shows, as some of our favourite celebrities share their peeves, pet hates and personal stories.

First released: Thursday 23rd November 2023

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