It's That Man Again. Image shows from L to R: Jack Train, Tommy (Tommy Handley). Copyright: BBC
It's That Man Again

It's That Man Again

  • Radio sitcom
  • BBC Home Service
  • 1939 - 1949
  • 310 episodes (12 series)

Wartime comedy series starring Tommy Handley which spawned many of the catchphrases popular all over the country during the 1940s. Stars Tommy Handley, Cecilia Eddy, Eric Egan, Vera Lennox, Dino Galvani and more.

Press clippings

Jimmy Cricket recalling the comedy of Tommy Handley

"I don't know if you heard or not readers but they found a group of pigeons on the roof of Downing Street recently. Apparently they were planning a coo!" That was the latest joke I put on Twitter because I feel people like to have a chuckle during challenging times. A lockdown is a bit like wartime. We need to keep our spirits up. One comedian who certainly did that was Tommy Handley, writes Jimmy Cricket.

Jimmy Cricket, The Scotsman, 23rd September 2020

VE Day: What was making us laugh 75 years ago?

A look back at the comedy on air in June 1945.

Chortle, 8th May 2020

It's That Man Again - Tommy Handley and ITMA

On Sunday 9 January 1949, just after the 5pm repeat broadcast of the latest episode of ITMA, the nation's favourite comedy show, there was a shock newsflash: Tommy Handley, the star of the programme, had died from a cerebral haemorrhage.

Andrew Martin, BBC, 17th January 2018

70 years of British comedy - part one: after the war

In an earlier post we told you we were going to look back over the last 70 years of great British comedy. We've tagged some of the best sitcoms from the last 70 years, as 70 Years Of British Comedy so you can follow the series of posts. The story of the modern sitcom is a fascinating one, British sitcoms are admired the world over but how did it all start?

British Classic Comedy, 30th April 2016

A delicate quadrille

I don't expect you remember the BBC comedy series, ITMA. Dating from the 1940s, it is, in truth, a little before my time too. However, as well as entertaining Britain during troubled times, ITMA (or "It's That Man Again") generated a few lasting catchphrases.

Brian Taylor, BBC Blogs, 23rd June 2009

Why we won the war. The most successful British radio comedy of all time, it regularly attracted 20m listeners. Its catch phrases - including, "Can I do yer now, sir?" and "It's being so cheerful as keeps me going" - are still remembered years later.

Roland White, The Times, 12th April 2009

Comics should be more switched on about radio

There was a national day of mourning when Winston Churchill died in 1965. There was also national mourning, of course, when King George VI died in 1952. But can you name another post-war death that has triggered national grief? The answer is Tommy Handley, the star of the wartime radio show ITMA.

David Lister, The Independent, 19th April 2003

Radio: That Man

ITMA, Britain's most popular radio comedy show, stands for "It's That Man Again." That Man is Tommy Handley, a middle-aged British radio comedian whose unabashed puns, silly syllogisms and noisy sound effects have given him a weekly radio audience that reportedly numbers 18,000,000.

Time Magazine, 22nd October 1945

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