Absolute Power. Image shows from L to R: Charles Prentiss (Stephen Fry), Martin McCabe (John Bird). Copyright: BBC.

Absolute Power

BBC Radio 4 sitcom. 22 episodes (5 series), 2000 - 2006. Stars Stephen Fry, John Bird, Siobhan Hayes, Tom George, Tony Gardner, Alex Lowe and Tamsin Greig.

Absolute Power - Series 3

Absolute Power - Series 3

Stephen Fry and John Bird star as masters of spin Charles Prentiss and Martin McCabe in the BBC Radio 4 series, Absolute Power.

In this third series, written by Mark Tavener, Prentiss McCabe take on their most difficult and demanding client - an odious tennis star - and Charles tries to rescue the career of a disgraced Labour minister. The pair also find themselves charged with the unenviable task of trying to help the government sort out the health service (with the help of a llama), and Charles finds himself representing the latest 'star' from Big Brother. Martin, meanwhile, becomes a member of the House of Lords...

The series ends as Prentiss McCabe face their biggest ever challenge: re-launching men. But the best slogan they can come up with is 'Stand By Your Man'...

First released: Monday 4th May 2009

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