British Comedy Quiz

Quiz 109

Miranda, Benidorm, Ross Noble, Citizen Khan and The Young Ones are amongst this week's question topics.

1: Complete the name of the show pictured here. Raised By ______.

Name the show

2: Here's a picture from Miranda. What does the sign Penny is holding say?

Miranda. Image shows from L to R: Penny (Patricia Hodge), Miranda (Miranda Hart). Copyright: BBC.

3: Who has NOT guest starred in Benidorm?

Benidorm. Image shows from L to R: Sam (Shelley Longworth), Pauline (Selina Griffiths), Noreen Maltby (Elsie Kelly), Les / Lesley (Tim Healy), Monty (John Challis), Jacqueline Stewart (Janine Duvitski), Kenneth (Tony Maudsley), Liam (Adam Gillen), Joyce Temple Savage (Sherrie Hewson), Mateo (Jake Canuso), Loretta (Kate Fitzgerald), Billy Dawson (Steve Edge), Sheron Dawson (Julie Graham), Eddie Dawson (Bobby Knutt), Rob Dawson (Josh Bolt), Cyd (Laila Zaidi), Joey Ellis (Nathan Bryon), Callum (Julian Moore-Cook). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

4: Ross Noble has recently started a podcast about music videos. He appeared in a music video himself aged 14, doing what?

Ross Noble.

5: Who has played characters called Jennifer Corner, Sally Harrison, Ria Parkinson and Marion Perrin?

6: Which show is this screenshot from?

Which show?

7: What are the first words spoken in the voiceover on the opening titles of Citizen Khan?

Citizen Khan. Image shows from L to R: Naani (Adlyn Ross), Amjad (Abdullah Afzal), Mr Khan (Adil Ray), Shazia (Krupa Pattani), Mrs Khan (Shobu Kapoor), Alia (Bhavna Limbachia). Copyright: BBC.

8: Select the actor who played Kenneth Williams in the 2006 TV biopic Fantabulosa!.

9: What was the name of Vyvyan's hamster in The Young Ones?

The Young Ones. Image shows from L to R: Neil (Nigel Planer), Rick (Rik Mayall), Mike (Christopher Ryan), Vyvyan (Adrian Edmondson). Copyright: BBC.

10: Which comedian writes and stars in a Radio 4 series that has 'Hang Ups' in its title?


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