Tune-Up, No. 2: Matt Green on lockdown material and keeping it unique

Matt Green

It's been over a year since regular stand-up ruled, a long enough break to really lose your mic-wielding mojo. So as stages re-open we're getting advice from the experts, the useful knowledge that only a grizzled veteran would know. But then Matt Green remains remarkably non-grizzled.

Green made his stand-up debut almost two decades ago, and has since popped up in lots of quality screen stuff too: Garth Marenghi's Darkplace, Finding Neverland, Cuckoo. During the lockdowns he's been making excellent productions of his own, and it's the below video that threw up today's theme, filmed back when the 2020 Fringe still seemed plausible.

In recent years Green has moved into directing stand-up shows too, so seems the ideal chap to ask: how do you keep your stuff original, as so many acts return from the same dark place?

Your Every Edinburgh Fringe Show routine was spot-on. Is it a worry for stand-ups, that other acts will do similar material?

Thanks! It feels like a long time ago now that I made that video, but interestingly some of the jokes still...

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For more of Matt Green visit mattgreencomedy.com. He's across social media at @mattgreencomedy.

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