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Thames Television.

Formed by the merger of Rediffusion London and ABC, Thames Television provided weekday services in ITV's London region from 30th July 1968 to 31st December 1992.

After losing its broadcast franchise Thames continued as an independent TV production company.

Acquired by Pearson Television in the mid-1990s, it was merged by its parent - then named FremantleMedia - in 2003 with TalkBack Productions to form TalkbackThames. The companies were de-merged into separate brands as of 2012.

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Current productions

Status Medium Production Broadcaster Genre Summary
Current TV Blankety Blank. Copyright: Thames. Blankety Blank BBC1 Comedy Comedy panel-game-show of missing words hosted in turn by Terry Wogan, Les Dawson, Lily Savage and Bradley Walsh.

Notable archive productions

Medium Production Broadcaster Genre Summary
TV Heroes of Comedy titles. Heroes Of Comedy C4 Documentary Long-running documentary series looking at some of the greatest and most famous names in British comedy.
TV The Brian Conley Show ITV Chat Show Chat, music and comedy hosted by Brian Conley.
TV After Henry. Image shows from L to R: Clare France (Janine Wood), Russell Bryant (Jonathan Newth), Eleanor Prescott (Joan Sanderson), Sarah France (Prunella Scales). Copyright: Thames Television. After Henry ITV Sitcom Prunella Scales stars as a widow who lives with her near-adult daughter and demanding, elderly mother.
TV No Job For A Lady. Jean Price (Penelope Keith). Copyright: Thames Television. No Job For A Lady ITV Sitcom Gentle sitcom about female MP Jean Price entering Parliament for the first time, doing her best to stick to her principles without any compromise.
TV Shelley. James Shelley (Hywel Bennett). Copyright: Thames Television. Shelley ITV Sitcom Highly intelligent but inherently lazy, Shelley is one of life's constant philosophers, never quite achieving a stable life.
TV French Fields. Image shows from L to R: William Fields (Anton Rodgers), Hester Fields (Julia McKenzie). Copyright: Thames Television. French Fields ITV Sitcom In this sequel to Fresh Fields, Hester and William move to France. The episodes centre around the couple's adjustment to their new life and difficulties dealing with French culture.
TV Never The Twain. Image shows from L to R: Simon Peel (Donald Sinden), Oliver Smallbridge (Windsor Davies). Copyright: Thames Television. Never The Twain ITV Sitcom Once business partners, Simon Peel and Oliver Smallbridge have grown to hate each other. Both are antique dealers, and the fact they are neighbours issues no help to the situation.
TV Singles ITV Sitcom The meeting game has more in common with the mating game for Malcolm and Clive and Pamela and Jackie, inhabitants of a singles bar.
TV Home James! ITV Sitcom A cheeky 'Jack the Lad' type, Jim London manages to get a job as chauffeur, general dogsbody and confidant to a millionaire with a similar upbringing.
TV The Benny Hill Show. Copyright: Thames Television. The Benny Hill Show ITV Sketch Show Hugely popular, long-running sketch series written by and starring Benny Hill.
TV All In Good Faith. The Reverend Philip Lambe (Richard Briers). Copyright: Thames Television. All In Good Faith ITV Sitcom Sitcom following Philip Lambe, a quiet rural reverend who feels the calling for a new challenge and moves his family to a run-down city parish.
TV Executive Stress. Image shows from L to R: Caroline Fairchild (Penelope Keith), Donald Fairchild (Geoffrey Palmer). Copyright: Thames Television. Executive Stress ITV Sitcom Sitcom about a publishing executive who returns to work after raising children for almost 30 years, and finds herself employed alongside her husband.
TV Chance In A Million. Tom Chance (Simon Callow). Copyright: Thames Television. Chance In A Million C4 Sitcom Sitcom from Richard Fegen and Andrew Norriss starring Simon Callow and Brenda Blethyn as walking disaster Tom Chance and his girlfriend, Alison.
TV Fresh Fields. Image shows from L to R: Hester Fields (Julia McKenzie), William Fields (Anton Rodgers). Copyright: Thames Television. Fresh Fields ITV Sitcom Middle-aged couple William and Hester Fields are enjoying their life - or they try to, when Hester's constant drive for self-improvement allows.
TV Full House. Image shows from L to R: Diana (Natalie Forbes), Murray McCoy (Brian Capron), Marsha Hatfield (Sabina Franklyn), Paul Hatfield (Christopher Strauli). Copyright: Thames Television. Full House ITV Sitcom Two young couples, unable to afford a house of their own, decide to share a mortgage and live under the same roof.
TV In Loving Memory. Image shows from L to R: Billy Henshaw (Christopher Beeny), Ivy Unsworth (Thora Hird). Copyright: Rex. In Loving Memory ITV Sitcom Comedy about an auntie and nephew, Ivy and Billy, who run a family undertakers' business in 1920s Yorkshire.
TV Up The Elephant And Round The Castle. Jim London (Jim Davidson). Copyright: Thames Television. Up The Elephant And Round The Castle ITV Sitcom Jim London is a young scallywag who spends his time drinking at the Freemasons' Arms and trying to earn a bit of cash without doing much work.
TV It Takes A Worried Man.... Philip Roath (Peter Tilbury). It Takes A Worried Man... ITV Sitcom Sitcom starring Peter Tilbury as Philip Roath, an indecisive, worrying insurance salesman whose wife has left him.
TV Keep It In The Family. Image shows from L to R: Muriel Rush (Pauline Yates), Dudley Rush (Robert Gillespie). Copyright: Thames Television. Keep It In The Family ITV Sitcom Cartoonist Dudley lives in an upstairs flat with his wife, while his daughters live in the flat below.
TV The Morecambe & Wise Show. Image shows from L to R: Eric Morecambe, Ernie Wise. Copyright: Thames Television. The Morecambe & Wise Show ITV Variety Towards the end of their career together, Morecambe & Wise took their beloved mix of sketch, song and dance to Thames Television for this series.
TV The Big Top Variety Show ITV Variety Circus and comedy entertainment.
TV Robin's Nest. Image shows from L to R: Vicky (Tessa Wyatt), Robin Tripp (Richard O'Sullivan). Copyright: Thames Television. Robin's Nest ITV Sitcom Sequel to Man About The House. Robin and girlfriend Vicky open a bistro in Fulham, but are forced to seek financial support from her disapproving dad.
TV The Kenny Everett Video Show. Kenny Everett. Copyright: Thames Television. The Kenny Everett Video Show ITV Sketch Show Anarchic, ground-breaking sketch show starring Kenny Everett at his unrestrained best.
TV Michael Bentine's Potty Time ITV Sketch Show Madcap sketch-based history series - told with puppets, by ex-Goon Michael Bentine.
TV George & Mildred. Image shows from L to R: Mildred Roper (Yootha Joyce), George Roper (Brian Murphy). Copyright: Thames Television. George & Mildred ITV Sitcom Sitcom about George and Mildred Roper, an endlessly bickering working-class couple in a middle-class neighbourhood.
TV Get Some In!. Cpl. Percy Marsh (Tony Selby). Copyright: Thames Television. Get Some In! ITV Sitcom Sitcom about a group of young conscripts forced into the RAF on two years of National Service.
TV The David Nixon Show ITV Variety Comedy, music and magic hosted by David Nixon.
TV ...And Mother Makes Five. Sally Redway (Wendy Craig). ...And Mother Makes Five ITV Sitcom Sally Harrison marries David Redway. His daughter moves in to join Sally and her two sons, thus making a family of five.
TV Bless This House. Image shows from L to R: Jean Abbott (Diana Coupland), Sid Abbott (Sid James), Mike Abbott (Robin Stewart), Sally Abbott (Sally Geeson). Copyright: Thames Television. Bless This House ITV Sitcom A popular 1970s sitcom starring Sid James. Sid Abbott is, day-in, day-out, hindered in anything and everything by his family.
TV Love Thy Neighbour. Image shows from L to R: Eddie Booth (Jack Smethurst), Bill Reynolds (Rudolph Walker). Copyright: Thames Television. Love Thy Neighbour ITV Sitcom Pro-white socialist Eddie Booth is disgusted when a black couple move in next door - but far worse than his skin colour, Bill Reynolds is Conservative.
TV Man About The House. Image shows from L to R: Chrissy Plummer (Paula Wilcox), Robin Tripp (Richard O'Sullivan), Jo (Sally Thomsett). Copyright: Thames Television. Man About The House ITV Sitcom When Chrissy and Jo search for a third tenant to help pay the rent, they intend on finding another female. But then they meet young Robin Tripp.
TV Spring & Autumn. Image shows from L to R: Betty Harris (Jo Warne), Brian Reid (Larry Martyn), Tommy Butler (Jimmy Jewel), Charlie Harris (Charlie Hawkins), Vera Reid (June Barry). Copyright: Thames Television. Spring & Autumn ITV Sitcom Comedy about the friendship between a septuagenarian and a teenager, giving both a new chance and lease of life.
TV Romany Jones. Image shows from L to R: Lily Briggs (Queenie Watts), Wally Briggs (Arthur Mullard). Copyright: London Weekend Television. Romany Jones ITV Sitcom The misadventures of two couples living in close confines on a run-down caravan site.
TV ...And Mother Makes Three. Image shows from L to R: Simon Harrison (Robin Davies), Sally Harrison (Wendy Craig), Peter Harrison (David Parfitt). Copyright: Thames Television. ...And Mother Makes Three ITV Sitcom Sally Harrison is a widow trying to hold down a job and bring up two sons, Peter and Simon.
TV Carry On Christmas. Copyright: Thames Television. Carry On Christmas ITV Sitcom A number of panto-esque Carry On TV specials, the Carry On Christmas programmes are the ultimate saucy Yuletide romp.
TV Father, Dear Father. Image shows from L to R: Karen Glover (Ann Holloway), Patrick Glover (Patrick Cargill), Anna Glover (Natasha Pyne). Copyright: Thames Television. Father, Dear Father ITV Sitcom Crime novelist Patrick Glover struggles to juggle an ex-wife, a Nanny, his ageing mother, two young daughters - and the occasional romantic interlude.
TV Thirty Minutes Worth. Harry Worth. Copyright: Thames Television. Thirty Minutes Worth ITV Sketch Show Sketch show starring northern comedian Harry Worth.
TV Dear Mother.... ....Love Albert. Albert Courtnay (Rodney Bewes). Dear Mother.... ....Love Albert ITV Sitcom Albert Courtnay has upped his Northern roots and moved to London. His letters home to his mother embellish his life with more than a hint of fiction.
TV David Nixon's Magic Box. David Nixon. Copyright: Network. David Nixon's Magic Box ITV Variety Magician David Nixon presents comedy, music and magic.
TV For The Love Of Ada. Image shows from L to R: Walter Bingley (Wilfred Pickles), Ada Cresswell/Bingley (Irene Handl). For The Love Of Ada ITV Sitcom Sitcom about the late-in-life romance blossoming between widow Ada Cresswell and widower Walter Bingley.
TV Never Mind The Quality, Feel The Width. Image shows from L to R: Emmanuel 'Manny' Cohen (John Bluthal), Patrick Kelly (Joe Lynch). Never Mind The Quality, Feel The Width ITV Sitcom Culture-clash comedy featuring an English Jew and an Irish Catholic tailor working in London's East End.
TV Life With Cooper. Tommy Cooper. Copyright: STUDIOCANAL. Life With Cooper ITV Sketch Show Sketch show starring Tommy Cooper, following from the popular success of Cooperama.
Film Night Train To Murder Film Spoof horror/thriller comedy starring Morecambe and Wise.

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Comedy title launches

Year Medium Genre Production
1995 TV Documentary Heroes Of Comedy
1992 TV Documentary Heroes Of Comedy
1992 TV Sitcom Land Of Hope And Gloria
1992 TV Sitcom Me, You And Him
1991 TV Sitcom A Slight Hitch
1991 TV Sitcom Hope It Rains
1990 TV Sitcom Freddie And Max
1990 TV Sitcom No Job For A Lady
1989 TV Sitcom French Fields
1989 TV Sitcom The Labours Of Erica
1988 TV Sitcom After Henry
1988 TV Sitcom Andy Capp
1988 TV Comedy Mr H Is Late
1987 TV Sitcom Ffizz
1986 TV Sitcom All At No. 20
1986 TV Sitcom Slinger's Day
1985 TV Sitcom All In Good Faith
1985 TV Sitcom Full House
1985 TV Sitcom Mann's Best Friends
1985 TV Variety The Freddie Starr Comedy Express
1985 TV Sketch Show The Funny Side
1984 TV Stand-Up Freddie Starr At The Royalty
1984 TV Sitcom Fresh Fields
1984 TV Sitcom Singles
1984 TV Sitcom Tripper's Day
1983 TV Sitcom The Happy Apple
1983 TV Sitcom Up The Elephant And Round The Castle
1982 TV Sitcom A.J. Wentworth, B.A.
1982 TV Sitcom Don't Rock The Boat
1982 TV Comedy It's Your Move
1982 TV Sitcom Let There Be Love
1982 TV Sketch Show The Eric Sykes 1990 Show
1982 TV Sitcom Tom, Dick And Harriet
1981 TV Sitcom Educating Marmalade
1981 TV Comedy If You Go Down In The Woods Today
1981 TV Sitcom It Takes A Worried Man...
1981 TV Sitcom Never The Twain
1981 TV Sitcom Sorry, I'm A Stranger Here Myself
1981 TV Sitcom The Incredible Mr Tanner
1980 TV Sitcom Cowboys
1980 TV Sitcom Grundy
1980 TV Sitcom Just Liz
1980 TV Sitcom Keep It In The Family
1980 TV Comedy Drama Rhubarb Rhubarb!
1980 TV Sketch Show The Likes Of Sykes
1979 TV Comedy The Plank
1978 TV Sitcom Born And Bred
1978 TV Sketch Show The Kenny Everett Video Show
1978 TV Stand-Up The Tommy Cooper Show
1978 TV Sitcom The Upchat Connection
1977 TV Sitcom Chalk And Cheese
1977 TV Sitcom Miss Jones And Son
1977 TV Sitcom Odd Man Out
1977 TV Sitcom Paradise Island
1977 TV Sitcom Robin's Nest
1977 TV Sitcom The Fuzz
1977 TV Sitcom The Heavy Mob
1977 TV Comedy Drama The Norman Conquests
1977 TV Sitcom The Upchat Line
1976 TV Sitcom George & Mildred
1976 TV Sitcom The Howerd Confessions
1976 TV Stand-Up The Little And Large Tellyshow
1975 TV Sitcom A Touch Of The Casanovas
1975 TV Stand-Up Cooper
1975 TV Sketch Show Frankie Howerd's Tittertime
1975 TV Sitcom Get Some In!
1975 TV Sitcom My Son Reuben
1975 TV Sitcom Rule Britannia!
1975 TV Sitcom Sadie, It's Cold Outside
1975 TV Sitcom The Last Of The Best Men
1975 TV Sitcom The Wackers
1974 TV Sitcom ...And Mother Makes Five
1974 TV Sketch Show Don't Blame Us!
1974 TV Sitcom My Name Is Harry Worth
1974 TV Sitcom Sprout
1973 TV Sitcom Man About The House
1973 TV Sitcom Roberts Robots
1972 TV Sitcom Alcock And Gander
1972 TV Sitcom Cheap At Half The Price
1972 TV Sitcom Love Thy Neighbour
1972 TV Sitcom Pardon My Genie
1972 TV Sitcom Romany Jones
1972 TV Sitcom Spring & Autumn
1972 TV Sketch Show Thirty Minutes Worth
1971 TV Sitcom ...And Mother Makes Three
1971 TV Sitcom Bless This House
1971 TV Sketch Show Frankie Howerd's Hour
1971 TV Sketch Show Frankie Howerd: The Laughing Stock Of Television
1971 TV Sitcom Mike And Bernie
1971 TV Sketch Show Sykes - With The Lid Off
1970 TV Variety David Nixon's Magic Box
1970 TV Sitcom For The Love Of Ada
1969 TV Sitcom A Present For Dickie
1969 TV Sitcom Carry On Christmas
1969 TV Sketch Show Cribbins
1969 TV Sitcom Dear Mother.... ....Love Albert
1969 TV Stand-Up Frankie Howerd At The Poco A Poco
1969 TV Sitcom In Loving Memory
1969 TV Sitcom The Incredible Adventures Of Professor Branestawm
1969 TV Sitcom Two In Clover
1968 TV Stand-Up Cooper King-Size
1968 TV Sitcom Father, Dear Father
1968 TV Stand-Up The Frankie Howerd Show
1967 TV Sitcom Never Mind The Quality, Feel The Width
1966 TV Sketch Show Life With Cooper