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Odeon Entertainment

Not to be confused with the cinema chain. Odeon Entertainment produce a range of DVDs across all genres. Also known as OEG.

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Products distributed

Year Title Format
2015 Horror Hospital DVD
2015 School For Sex DVD
1997 The Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins DVD
2015 For Men Only DVD
2014 George Formby Special Edition - Boots! Boots! / Off The Dole DVD
2014 Can You Keep It Up For A Week? DVD
2013 Zeta One DVD
2013 The Sex Thief DVD
2013 Royal Flash DVD
2013 Au Pair Girls DVD
2013 Side By Side DVD
2013 Prudence And The Pill DVD
2012 Smiley DVD
2005 For The Love Of Ada DVD
2012 Not Now Darling DVD
2012 The Sheriff Of Fractured Jaw DVD
2011 Caught In The Act DVD
2011 Funny Up North! - The History Of Northern Comedy DVD
2011 Best Of British - The Battle Of The Sexes / The Boy Who Stole A Million / Ladies Who Do DVD
2007 What's Good For The Goose DVD
2011 London Town DVD
2011 Easy Money DVD
2011 Jumping For Joy DVD
2011 Trottie True DVD
2011 Don't Ever Leave Me DVD
2011 Owd Bob DVD
2011 Tawny Pipit DVD
2010 The Boy Who Stole A Million DVD
2010 Al Read On TV DVD
2010 Confessions From The David Galaxy Affair DVD
2010 Come Play With Me - Digitally Remastered Special Edition DVD
2010 This, That And The Other! DVD
2009 Sex And The Other Woman DVD
2009 Gaiety George DVD
2009 On The Game DVD
2009 The Best Of The Adventures DVD
2009 Saturday Night Out DVD
2008 Cool It Carol! DVD
2008 Spaced Out And Sex Clinic DVD
2008 School For Randle DVD
2008 The Battle Of The Sexes DVD
2008 Strictly Confidential DVD
2008 The Adventures Of Jane - Plus Murder At 3 A.M. DVD
2008 Ladies Who Do DVD
2008 Those People Next Door DVD
2008 Keep It Clean DVD
2008 Not Wanted On Voyage DVD
2007 Light Up The Sky DVD
2007 The Penny Pool / Stick 'Em Up DVD
2007 One Wild Oat DVD
2007 The Gay Dog DVD
2007 The Final Test DVD
2007 Over The Garden Wall DVD
2007 Holidays With Pay DVD
2007 Love's A Luxury / What A Carry On! DVD
2007 Brass Monkey DVD
2006 It's A Grand Life DVD
2006 Double Bunk DVD
2006 Date With A Dream DVD
2005 Black Joy DVD
2005 Best Of British Northern Comedy DVD