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Busby Productions

Production company formed by Mark Bussell and Justin Sbresni to produce comedy and drama for film and television.

Their projects include The Royal Bodyguard and Armstrong and Miller.

Recent productions

Year Medium Production Broadcaster Genre Summary
2020 Online Housebound. Denise Lees (Judy Flynn). Copyright: Busby Productions. Housebound YouTube Sketch Show Online show focusing on various people coming with the coronavirus lockdown.
2016 TV I Want My Wife Back. Image shows from L to R: Murray (Ben Miller), Bex (Caroline Catz). Copyright: Busby Productions / Mainstreet Pictures. I Want My Wife Back BBC1 Sitcom Sitcom starring Ben Miller as a man who is bewildered and lost when his wife suddenly leaves him, and his quest to discover what went wrong.
2013 TV Great Night Out. Image shows from L to R: Hodge (Lee Boardman), Daz (Stephen Walters), Beggsy (William Ash), Glyn (Craig Parkinson). Great Night Out ITV Comedy Drama ITV comedy drama about four thirtysomething men who gather for a weekly night on the tiles in Stockport.

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Comedy title launches

Year Medium Genre Production
2020 Online Sketch Show Housebound
2016 TV Sitcom I Want My Wife Back
2013 TV Comedy Drama Great Night Out
2011 TV Sitcom The Royal Bodyguard
2005 TV Sitcom The Robinsons
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