Stone Clearing With Richard Herring

Stone Clearing With Richard Herring: Chapter 42

Chapter 42 - Headphone Narnia: It's November 6th and nearly 5pm and Richard is heading out into the dark Hertfordshire night to try and clear as many ftones as he can whilst shrouded in the cloak of night. It's been a while since he's done a night clear and he has to remind himself of torch and dog poo holding etiquette, but his ungloved hands may be cold and dirty, but they are nimble. More mottos and rules to live your stone clearing life by and probably some other stuff too, I can't really remember now. But stop trying to find some spoilers - just liften to the ftones my friend and enter your own Narnia (I forgot that everyone gets turned to stone there, that would have been a good point to make.)

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Published: 7th November 2019.   Length: 23 minutes.   Size: 42.9mb

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Stone Clearing with Richard Herring.

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