Stone Clearing With Richard Herring

Stone Clearing With Richard Herring: Chapter 44

Chapter 44 - Am I Right, Ammonite? It's about 8.20am on the 26th November 2019 and Rich is going the long way round. With some hard earned wisdom about how weather works and some fine Hasselhoffing and a largely undisturbed run from dog walkers and log dogs, he gives us the chance to reconnect with the stones and the sound of boots squelching in mud as he destroys potential archaeology and casts aside the sea creatures of eons ago. Plus is there a wood clearer attempting to taunt him and who shall win the battle of wood, stone and flesh? Plus a joke.

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Published: 26th November 2019.   Length: 49 minutes.   Size: 91.1mb

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Stone Clearing with Richard Herring.

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