Stone Clearing with Richard Herring. Richard Herring. Copyright: Steve Brown

Stone Clearing With Richard Herring

The world's first podcast dedicated to the ancient art of Stone Clearing (removing stones from a field and using them for better purpose) which will serve as an introduction to the industry for the newcomer, but hopefully provide tips for the many other stone clearers around the world, as well of being of interest to people who like to hear poor quality audios of an unfit man walking round a field, moving stones and talking to himself, whilst trying to pretend to other dog walkers that he isn't doing that. Over the next years and decades it will be a weekly update on Richard Herring's attempts to build a wall around the huge field that can be seen from space and also rid the said field of anything that is bigger than a piece of soil, to a depth of 5 metres. Along the way we will learn much about life, death, the futility of existence and how sometimes when you attempt the impossible you can succeed. Though most times you won't. For more information on stone clearing please read Richard's daily blog (warning - contains some non-stone clearing blogs), Warming Up

Remember this effort is a secret. Please do not tell anyone what Richard is doing.

Chapter 120

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  • Published: 4th May 2022
  • Length: 74 mins
  • Size: 69.2mb

Chapter 120 Moifture - It's before 8am on the 4th May 2022 and Richard is off for a second crack at Chapter 120, the first having been recorded from inside his pocket (though attached at the end of this podcast for completists). Rich gets one foot from a possum-playing rabbit, sees a spooky tree, pontificates on water, the enemy of stone and whether he'd rather have sex with a mermaid or a siren. The lost podcast is the best one ever - see what snippets you can pick up from the pocket record. It's like a faded gospel found in a cave.

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