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Edinburgh 2019 - Flo & Joan & John Kearns

Edinburgh #21 - Nine Minutes. Rich has just hit the 200 average crowd he coveted and worked out just how much his landlord has made from each ticket sold and there's an end of term atmosphere as he meets Flo and Joan and John Kearns. With Flo and Joan the talk revolves around time travelling gang bangs, Bros's Cheddar antics, double act rivalry and memories of Tring. With John, Richard is skittish from lack of sleep and counting down the time, but still manages to find out whether a plastic cup can substitute for false teeth and how the speaker of the House of Commons takes a shit. Plus a revival of a plan to quell sex offenders. Thanks to the crew at the New Town Theatre and to Liam for coming to so many shows and messing up his cue.

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Published: 25th August 2019.   Length: 63 minutes.

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