RHLSTP with Richard Herring: RHLSTP 226 - Sarah Millican

RHLSTP #226: Clown Pyjamas. After last week's respectful chat with the great Jimmy Cricket, the gloves are off and it's time to spew up a gut load of filth with third time RHLSTP (plus guest for three Edinburgh podcasts) Sarah Millican. But who will win the battle this time? Rich goes into a bit too much detail about a bout of food poisoning that, to be fair, he isn't entirely finished with. But if fire can't stop him, then neither can the squits. There's a lot about poo, vomit, sperm and pleasuring yourself to Henry Kelly and kittens (as you'd expect) but there's also a chance to find out Sarah's favourite cruciferous vegetable. Plus find out why the last chapter of her audio book might seem a bit faster than the others, Rich's skill at taking off bras, the cruelty and redundancy of children and whether workaholism is a positive or negative force for comedy. Plus how Sarah's dad used his engineering skills to try and solve a tricky conundrum.

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  • Published: 25th September 2019
  • Length: 76 mins


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