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Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast: RHLSTP 192 - Nish Kumar

RHLSTP #192: Nish Kumar - Not Michael Sheen. Richard's participation in a PTA quiz in his village led to an unlikely correspondence with one of his new neighbours, but he's really looking forward to meeting the star of Twilight and The Damned United - oh no, he had to pull out, so we got Nish Kumar instead. But lucky us (apart from the obvious bad luck) because we get to hear about Nish shitting himself on camera watching a man get down and dirty with a horse; being the worst Taskmaster contestant ever; the best use of a House Of Games trophy; and what it's like to lose it on Question Time. How's Brexit going to turn out and why can't Brexiteers stop themselves leaving? Plus the unpredicted but satisfying success of The Mash Report. If you're hoping Michael Sheen might pop up as a surprise guest at the last minute then I am afraid you will be disappointed (hopefully we can get him to come down in 2019) but there is a brief ray of light as he sends us a message.

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Published: 5th December 2018.   Length: 71 minutes.   Size: 97.4mb


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