RHLSTP with Richard Herring: RHLSTP 193 - James O'Brien

RHLSTP #193: James O'Brien - Sean Connery's Macbeth. Rich is back on terrestrial TV as a last minute guest on a new Channel 5 gameshow, so cheg on suckers, he's out of here. He always hated podcasts and was just using you to get back on the telly. But while he's waiting for the phone to start ringing there's time for another chat, this time with the journalist and broadcaster James O'Brien. Recorded on a particularly depressing week, but maybe not as depressing as the world you're living in as you listen to it, there's some serious dissection of Brexit, Trump and how fake news and indignation have stymied debate. Find out about James' time as a showbiz reporter, his investigations into the truth behind Interval and more from his book How To Be Right In A World Gone Wrong. Is there any hope? Are we learning what it was like to live through the rise of Hitler? Has James ever tried to suck his own cock (don't know, forgot to ask)? And is the way through all this just to drink eight craft beers and let the anti-depressants cheer you up? And there's a revelation about his Red Dwarf/Star Trek knowledge that will destroy his credibility forever...

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  • Published: 12th December 2018
  • Length: 79 mins
  • Size: 109mb


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