RHLSTP with Richard Herring: RHLSTP 189 - Drunk Women Solving Crime

RHLSTP #189: Drunk Women Solving Crime - How Does She Know So Much About Parachuting? Richard has been publicising his latest book, but it's not popular with canines, but at least he's got daytime DJs asking some wholly inappropriate questions. His guests this week are Hannah, Taylor and a slightly familiar Catie, from the Drunk Women Solving Crime podcast. Can the inebriated females solve a mystery that has remained mysterious for sixteen years? What crimes has Richard had carried out upon his small person, can he and his wife get through this podcast without resorting to divorce? What kind of crimes do they have on the Isle Of Wight and how effective are the police? Plus sex robots, pond-pushing and the beautiful autonomy of podcasting.

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  • Published: 14th November 2018
  • Length: 69 mins
  • Size: 95.1mb


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