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Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast: RHLSTP 15 - Adam Buxton

RHLSTP #15: Adam and Eve - Adam Buxton. It's the longest RHLSTP yet with Rich upstaged by his new butler, Siri and worrying about all the libel he has committed to the Internet in the past. But all the unpleasantness is quickly forgotten as the hair-loving, mane-biting star of The Persuasionists, Adam Buxton arrives. He has stories of his disastrous audition for Hitchhiker's Guide, being a bully in a china shop and how to quell a Dutch oven. The two small men swap stories about their funny and embarrassing dads, the humane imprisonment of children and discuss how much information you can get into a half hour TV show. Some new and contrived emergency questions and discover how putting a Tim from The Office in something does not always guarantee success. It's really lovely stuff, but it's loooong! Imagine if you needed a wee.

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Published: 20th November 2012.   Length: 113 minutes.   Size: 78.18mb

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