As It Occurs To Me. Richard Herring

As It Occurs To Me: AIOTM Audio Extra 6

AIOTM Audio Extra 6: The Tigers Come at Night. It's been on helluva slog, but we're nearly there. And on the final audio extra before the completely different video series begins (hopefully by May 2017), Richard is concerned about tweets from Jeremy Corbyn; who is more popular, Morgan or Rowling; and why we have a Doomsday clock. There's a moving tribute to one that has fallen and a desperate attempt to milk some more mileage out of half decade old material. And what's in Farage's garage this week. With songs about love and pancakes from the amazing Christian Reilly. Thanks for helping us on this journey. The stuff you've paid for (or not - but you still can) will be on its way asap. And now we rest. Oh apart from this mammoth tour

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  • Published: 14th February 2017
  • Length: 30 mins
  • Size: 41.7mb

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