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As It Occurs To Me: AIOTM - Video Series #4

AIOTM Video Series #4: Barbara. Has becoming a dad meant that Richard has lost his comedy mojo? Only you can decide (but the answer seems to be yes). Having finally got rid of the dead wood of Emma Kennedy and getting back the dead wood of Dan Tetsell, Rich turns his attention to how constitutional revenge porn is and meets the couple whose decision to back out of selling him their house has created two very different possible futures (have you seen the film Sliding Doors?). There is some very tender and beautiful love-making betwixt Rich and his toaster robot and Tiny Baby Anus turn their attention to Baa Baa Black Sheep. Christian Reilly sings about Paul Hewson and the naughty dog is back, as the cast become largely replaced by puppets. Abraham Lincoln might be in there somewhere, who knows?

Best listened to whilst vainly trying to find the website for (if you are part of the very specific demographic that would need it).

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Published: 19th September 2017.   Length: 41 minutes.   Size: 35.8mb


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