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As It Occurs To Me: AIOTM - Video Series #2

AIOTM Video Series #2 - Average. In the second episode of this groundbreaking series, Richard wonders about the consequences of sending soiled toilet mats to strangers, discusses his (as yet still unbroadcast) third appearance on Pointless Celebrities, introduces a new cool cast member, tries to flog a new Christian Reilly album, recalls an embarrassing sexual encounter (though not sure he ever had anything but), goes further into his obsession with making a sex robot, before questioning the morality, immortality or amorality of accepting pastries from the homeless.

Best watched whilst simultaneously listening to the Guilty Feminist podcast. To watch a longer version of this ep (and long versions of the whole series - already up) plus loads of extras subscribe to the secret channel. If you want to back a kickstarter to help us make more RHLSTP and get your hands on the all new Christmas Emergency Questions book then head here

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Published: 4th September 2017.   Length: 46 minutes.   Size: 54mb


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