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Richard Herring: Ally and Herring's Twitch of Fun

Richard Herring teams up with an 128 year old, 'handsy', ventriloquist doll made by his great-grandad to review the day's newspapers in an attempt to put to rest the ghosts of old and failed double acts he's been in. It's a format that I am sure you've seen before, but hopefully we can give it a fresh spin. Unprepared and unrehearsed, Ally and Herring have no idea what the other one is about to say and as long as the offensive stuff is said by the dummy then no one can touch us. But which one's the dummy?

Episode 56 - Sybil

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  • Published: 21st January 2022
  • Length: 62 mins
  • Size: 29.1mb

Richard has a sincere apology to make about his Covid lockdown transgressions, but once that's over we're straight into meeting a terrifying new character who is going to kill you in your sleep. Ally and Richard discuss eternal youth, whether it's time for The Edge to let it go, a terrifying new conflict and how the Queen consumes her fruit. There's a prolonged interview where a slightly tetchy Andrew Windsor attempts to defend his reputation (with mixed results) and there's a backlog of birthdays to clear up. It all peters out a bit in the end, but you can't haver everything. And this is the only Twitch show that will predict the future for you. Though you can probably do that yourself. We're screwed.

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