Ally and Herring's Twitch of Fun. Richard Herring

Richard Herring: Ally and Herring's Twitch of Fun: Episode 93 - Bi-sexual Bumming Bifurcated Badgers

There's plenty of incident in this week's show including an extended set by Victorian Ghost Child, only ended by a flood and then Ally and Herring talk about stopping the boats, Russian votes, scanning teenage porn users, pissing in lay-bys, who the real queen is, humping on Good Morning Britain, the lies that pilots tell you, how to get a job and what makes you an adult. Richard's new stand-up tour might get a mention - see if he's coming near to you, and then complain if he's not here:

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  • Published: 8th December 2023
  • Length: 64 mins
  • Size: 30mb


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