Ally and Herring's Twitch of Fun. Richard Herring

Richard Herring: Ally and Herring's Twitch of Fun: Episode 97 - Yo Momma

Richard has had a gig cancelled due to flooding but Bedford's loss is your probably loss as well as you spend nearly an hour of your life in the company of him and a piece of Victorian papier mache. Ally and Herring discuss inserting batteries where the sun don't shine, the end of sex (not a problem for my viewers), a very old tortoise and Noel Edmonds' age. And the Victorian Ghost Child and Fluffy Rabbit turn up to wipe the floor with everyone. Plus exciting news of the guest for last RHLSTP of the tour that you could have got before nearly everyone else if you'd watched it live. Three to 100!

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  • Published: 16th February 2024
  • Length: 53 mins
  • Size: 26.6mb


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