Ally and Herring's Twitch of Fun. Richard Herring

Richard Herring: Ally and Herring's Twitch of Fun: Episode 94 - Whither Turquoise?

There's a new host for the show and they're going to scare your pants off (as if you had any pants on to start with), but in a show beset by technical difficulties, interruptions and parental exhaustion things never quite get into (gottle of) gear. Though the ventriloquism is coming on. But who is the dummy? Rich and Ally talk about Princess Anne's health, what not to say to the bereaved, the second Big Bang, porridge brains, drunk kids, the male pill, moths in stuffing, vapes and Neanderthals. It all peters out a bit, but with some very good p sounds. See RHLSTP on tour or Richard's new stand-up show

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  • Published: 15th December 2023
  • Length: 46 mins
  • Size: 21.4mb


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