My Learned Friend. William Fitch (Will Hay). Copyright: Ealing Studios.

Will Hay

The Will Hay Collection

The Will Hay Collection

Will Hay is one of the greatest and most inimitable British comedians of all time. A major star of the 1930s, he relished playing pompous, incompetent authority figures, and his misanthropic antics have inspired many great funny men. The Will Hay Collection DVD box set contains nine discs, featuring the following films:

Ask A Policeman
Will Hay heads a police force where no crime ever gets committed. As their jobs are on the line they decide to create work for themselves.

Boys Will Be Boys
Will Hay takes his first outing as a School Master and Narkover School becomes the setting for a stolen necklace cape.

Convict 99
Will Hay plays Dr. Benjamin Twist, a disgraced schoolmaster who is mistaken for a tough prison governor.

Good Morning, Boys
Will Hay again stars in the role of Dr. Benjamin Twist, but this time his pupils become involved with art thieves on a trip to Paris. Hay's seamy schoolmaster act is supported by a fine cast including Charles Hawtrey and Lilli Palmer.

Hey! Hey! USA
Hay plays Dr. Benjamin Twist and is joined by American comedian Edgar Kennedy (Duck Soup) in this transatlantic caper, which sees the pair take off on a ship heading for New York.

Oh, Mr. Porter!
Will Hay is sent off by his relatives to rural Ireland, where he becomes the Stationmaster of a derelict Irish railway station. There is little to do and much mischief to be had - including catching gun-runners posing as ghosts!

Old Bones Of The River
Tramping through Africa, Will Hay attempts to impose his educational theories on the locals.

Where There's A Will
Will Hay plays a bored solicitor who gets caught up in a robbery.

Windbag The Sailor
Will Hay plays Ben Cutlet and, for the first time, is joined by Moore Marriott and Graham Moffatt. Tricked into taking control of an un-seaworthy ship - which the owners intend to sink - the hapless trio find themselves as the sole crew of the decrepit vessel.

First released: Monday 11th August 2003

  • Released: Monday 1st September 2008
  • Distributor: ITV Studios
  • Region: 2
  • Discs: 9
  • Minutes: 735
  • Subtitles: English
  • Catalogue: 3711529503

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  • Distributor: Granada Media
  • Region: 2
  • Discs: 9
  • Minutes: 735
  • Catalogue: English

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