Ryan Howes.

Ryan Howes

Ryan Howes is an actor, writer, producer and editor. He is company director at Seldom Differ Productions.


Year Production Role
2021 Forbidden Shakes Farmer (Voice)
2020 Terrible Christmas Song - Seldom Differ Ryan
2020 Terrible Christmas Song - Seldom Differ Writer
2020 90s Girls Ensemble Actor
2020 90s Girls Editor
2020 Life In Pictures Various
2020 Life In Pictures Writer
2020 Life In Pictures Editor
2019 Hammerhead The Bloke
2019 Don't Tape Over Ensemble Actor
2019 Don't Tape Over Writer
2019 Don't Tape Over Producer
2019 Don't Tape Over Editor
2017 Newsjack - Series 16
  1. E5 - Episode Five
2016 Behind The Curtains Ryan
2016 Behind The Curtains Writer
2016 Behind The Curtains Editor
2016 Cupboard Hunters Tin Man
2016 Cupboard Hunters Writer
2016 Cupboard Hunters Producer
2016 Cupboard Hunters Editor
2015 House Of Fools - Series 2
  1. E2 - The Botox Affair
2014 House Of Fools - Series 1
  1. E3 - The Probation Affair

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