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Christopher Bliss review

A creation like Christopher Bliss may not be novel, but to get lost in an hour of unmitigated silliness is often exactly what you need.

Londonist, 8th November 2019

Could Christopher Bliss bring back character comedy?

Rob Carter's delusional novelist is a lovable throwback to the comics of 20 years ago. The alter ego could be on the cusp of a comeback.

Brian Logan, The Guardian, 25th April 2019

Has the 'spirit of the Fringe' been lost?

'It would be nice if audiences came in with open minds and generous spirits'

Chortle, 19th August 2018

Rob Carter chooses his comedy favourites

'One of the finest mental breakdowns I've ever seen'

Rob Carter, Chortle, 12th August 2018

25 of the top gags from the Fringe

From snakes to smashing the patriarchy, these are the funniest gags from this year's Edinburgh Fringe.

Jessie Thompson, Evening Standard, 11th August 2018

What is the worst review you have ever had?

'This isn't comedy, this is a cry for help'

Chortle, 9th August 2018

What is the best joke in your show?

Some comedians don't mind sharing..

Chortle, 6th August 2018

Edinburgh Fringe review

Entertainment Focus, August 2018