2022 Edinburgh Fringe

NextUp to stream more than 50 Edinburgh comedy shows

Friday 22nd July 2022, 2:16pm

NextUp at the Fringe. Image shows from L to R: Rosie Holt, Mark Watson, Esther Manito, Nick Helm

Streaming platform NextUp have announced they are to broadcast more than 50 shows from the Edinburgh Fringe, live to homes nationwide.

They comment: "The biggest arts festival in the world will be beamed straight into people's living rooms in all its glory - from dank dark caves, to the swanky big arts spaces, with 50+ shows throughout August, Edinburgh will finally be accessible to audiences who can't make it in person."

Head of Content, Tom Brandt, says: "We've tried to programme the schedule so that viewers at home get a real taste of what the fringe is all about. On a typical day at the fringe, you might go and see one well known 'safe bet', and then take some risks and enjoy the plethora of up-and-coming talent that's available. We've curated a programme that mirrors the live experience - some incredible names and the brightest rising stars. We've also included some fringe highlights including The Wrestling and Late 'N' Live."

The full line-up list is available via nextupcomedy.com/edfringe, and includes Mark Watson, Harriet Dyer, Patrick Spicer, Arthur Smith, Brennan Reece, the Chortle Student Comedy Awards, Christopher Bliss, Chris Turner, Christy Coysh, Conrad Koch, Esther Manito, Fast Fringe, Hal Cruttenden, Ignacio Lopez, Jack Tucker, Jake Farrell, Javier Jarquin, Jen Ives, Late N Live, Morgan Rees, NewsRevue, Nick Helm, The Oxford Imps, Pete Heat, Rajiv Karia, Rosie Holt, Schalk Bezuidenhout, Shelf, Sikisa, So You Think You're Funny?, Tarot, The Wrestling, Will Duggan, Yuriko Kotani, Fred MacAulay, Sean McLoughlin, Jamie D'Souza, Rob Rouse, All Killa No Filla Live, Showstopper! The Improvised Musical, Jake Lambert, The Comedy Arcade, Finlay Christie, Celya AB, Tom Rosenthal, Shazia Mirza, Justin Moorhouse and Character Building Experience.

Mark Watson says: "The NextUp streaming project is a huge step forward for a festival which, despite being a celebration of ideas, is sometimes really scared of the new. It opens a door which has been shut for so many years to anyone who couldn't physically get to Edinburgh. It's good for acts, for comedy fans, for everyone. And the range of talents covered by NextUp's amazing programme should keep all these newly empowered punters happy for the whole month."

Membership to NextUp, which lasts for a year and also includes access to their on-demand comedy specials, costs £30. Half of your membership fee is passed on to comedians.

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