Christy Coysh.

Christy Coysh

Christy Coysh is an actor, writer and musical comedian.



  • Musical Comedy Awards 2021 - Main Prize: Winner
  • BCG Pro Talent Awards 2020 - Production: Shortlisted


Year Production Role
2021 Taking Stock Paxton (Voice)
2020 DJ! The Don Heckle Story Various
2020 DJ! The Don Heckle Story Writer
2020 Abra - Magic Abra
2020 Abra - Magic Writer
2019 Jenny Bede: Balls Ensemble Actor
2019 That friend who's stopped drinking Sam
2018 Viraltown Ensemble Actor
2018 Tracy's Leaving Party: Hot Young Things Self
2018 That mate who runs everything by the missus Choking Man
2017 You're Not Depressed Happy Flatmate
2017 The Passive Aggressive Flatmate Passive aggressive flatmate
2017 Getting the bathroom floor wet Showering Flatmate
2017 That Mate who is always making a mess Messy man
2017 That Mate Who Always Steals Your Things Sticky Fingers
2017 Sponsoring a marathon runner Friend
2017 The Horse Racing Expert Expert
2017 April Fools Day Break Up sketch Pub Friend
2017 Snapchat Filters - Not For Everyone Phone man
2017 Dry January Christy

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