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Latitude 2018 Report

Thursday 19th July 2018

Latitude is the ultimate outdoor arts festival (with lots of decent music too) - this year with added dust and band-dissing. Big names wandering about onstage and off, new comic discoveries, Dr Buckles DJing, pink sheep and green ants - it was quite a weekend.


Press Clippings

The Last Leg rings in the new year with a lineup that includes Katherine Ryan, Richard Ayoade and Nish Kumar. There will also be a look at Alex Brooker's attempt to become the first disabled man to take part in the double luge.

Hannah Verdier, The Guardian, 31st December 2018

It would not be Christmas without Jimmy Carr's annual quiz and, given the news cycle, there is much for him to smirk at, from Danny Dyer's Brexit bashing to the royal wedding. The teams include Richard Ayoade, Noel Fielding and Claudia Winkleman, with Jon Snow and Charles Dance playing quizmasters.

Hannah Verdier, The Guardian, 26th December 2018

Early Man review: A joyous claymation comedy

After a brief flirtation with Hollywood's DreamWorks, Bristol animation studio Aardman is back on home turf with Early Man. In this joyous claymation comedy, Wallace And Gromit director Nick Park poses that age-old question: what would happen if Stone Age Britons and Bronze Age Europeans slugged it out at football?

Andy Lea, The Daily Express, 28th January 2018

Early Man the latest claymation from Aardman

This is another likeable, affectionate family animation that benefits from the human touch.

Ross Miller, The National, 26th January 2018

Review: Early Man

Fun but forgettablel.

Chris Aitken, Short Com, 15th January 2018

Early Man brings Brexit to the bronze age

The studio's latest stop-motion epic is a timely story about a stone age English tribe playing footie against sophisticated continentals.

Steve Rose, The Guardian, 14th January 2018

Early Man review: a gloriously funny tale

It's so important to choose the right materials for the task at hand, and when it comes to animating a pig nervously giving a back massage to a fat man in the bath, only Plasticine will do.

Robbie Collin, The Telegraph, 14th January 2018

Review: Paddington 2

Well, well, a sequel that is even more fun than its predecessor. It doesn't often happen but Paddington 2 manages to shift the stale marmalade sandwiches from 2014 to deliver a pacy, enjoyable adventure, which boasts a cameo cast that is like a who's who of British acting talent.

Gareth Hargreaves, On The Box, 13th November 2017