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Paul Sinha interview

Monday 3rd July 2017

Paul Sinha talks about the Edinburgh Festival, his changing audience demographic, why the recent newspaper reports about his sexuality were rather slow off the mark, and how being a star of ITV's The Chase doesn't automatically mean you win pub quizzes.


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Paul Sinha's TV Showdown coming to ITV

Paul Sinha is to host a new panel show in which the questions are about television. Paul Sinha's TV Showdown will start on ITV this winter.

British Comedy Guide, 11th November 2020

Paul Sinha: I'll quit Chase if Parkinson's gets worse

The savvy chaser and former GP vowed not to let the disease dictate his life and said he refused to live in the future, only the present. But Paul, 50, admitted that while his brainpower is still as fast as ever, if it begins to slow he will quit The Chase before they can fire him.

Verity Sulway, The Mirror, 3rd September 2020

Some comedy festivals announce they will happen in 2021

The producers of Leicester Comedy Festival and The UK Kids' Comedy Festival have announced that they are going to go ahead with the 2021 events, with support from a significant number of friends and special guests.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 30th July 2020

Paul Sinha shares amazing drunken wedding video

Paul Sinha has shared an amazing drunken video from his wedding as he and husband Olly Levy attempted a duet.

The happy couple are seen with their arms around each other as they sing and sway along to the music, as their friends watch on.

Zara Zubeidi, The Sun, 12th June 2020

Comedians indoors getting creative: part 7

To help you get your comedy fix, every week we'll be putting together a list of projects we've spotted online by funny women...

Funny Women, 1st May 2020

Paul Sinha: 'I'm going for laughs in bleak places'

The gameshow star and former GP on how he wrote his 'career best' standup material after getting married - and being diagnosed with Parkinson's.

Brian Logan, The Guardian, 23rd January 2020

The best comedy of 2019

Another year has past and once again it's been a pretty amazing one for comedy across the board, and it's been hard to whittle each category down to a top 10. But here are our suggestions for the best tv, film and live comedy of the year, along with a couple of other lists as well.

Alex Finch, Comedy To Watch, 31st December 2019