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(ISH) Edinburgh Comedy Awards announce longlists

Monday 14th August 2023, 12:00pm

The (Ish) Edinburgh Comedy Awards
  • The (ISH) Edinburgh Comedy Awards, the new volunteer-run alternative Fringe awards, have announced longlists
  • 36 shows feature in the Best Show list, and 19 feature in the Best Newcomer list
  • The shortlist will be announced on Monday 21st, and the winners crowned on Saturday 26th

The (ISH) Edinburgh Comedy Awards - the alternative new Fringe-based awards run by volunteers - have announced their longlists.

The organisers explain: "A collective of around 35 volunteers have seen all eligible comedy shows (full run, not compilation) and have chosen a long list of shows below. This week the judges will see more shows to choose a short list of 5 shows in each category, the short lists will be announced next Monday 21st. The winners will be announced on Saturday 26th August at the ceremony at The Three Sisters (Maggie's Chamber). Tickets will be available for the 40 minute ceremony shortly."

Best Show

Aaron Simmonds: Baby Steps

Aidan Jones: Adult Adoption

Andrew O'Neill - Geburah

Ania Magliano: I Can't Believe You've Done This

Attack of the 36 Triple-G Woman

Cheekykita: An Octopus, The Universe 'n' Stuff

First Thing (Work in Progress by Daniel Kitson)

David McIver: Small Boy Trapped in a Wellness Retreat

Ed Byrne: Tragedy Plus Time

Eric Rushton: Not That Deep

Frank Skinner: 30 Years of Dirt

Gareth Mutch: Belter

Huge Davies: Whodunnit

Ian Smith: Crushing

Janine Harouni: Man'oushe

Jody Kamali: Things We Do for Love

Julia Masli: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Laser Kiwi: Rise of the Olive

Laura Davis: Well Don't Just Stand There Dancing

Luke Kempner in Gritty Police Drama: A One-Man Musical

Mark Nelson: Bits & Pieces

Marjolein Robertson: Marj

Max & Ivan: Life, Choices

MC Hammersmith: Straight Outta Brompton

Milo Edwards: Sentimental

Paul Currie: Shtoom

Paul Foot: Dissolve

Paul Sinha: Pauly Bengali

Phil Ellis's Excellent Comedy Show

Phil Kay - Funny Walks

Pierre Novellie: Why Are You Laughing?

Police Cops: The Musical

Seymour Mace Does Drawring

Sid Singh: Table for One

Stuart Goldsmith: Spoilers

Best Newcomer

Adrian Bliss: Inside Everyone

Alexandra Haddow: Not My Finest Hour

Alice Cockayne: I Showered Before I Came

Andre de Freitas: What If

Annabel Marlow ...is this okay??

Dan Tiernan: Going Under

Fiona Ridgewell: No-Nonsense

Hannah Camilleri: Lolly Bag

John Tothill: The Last Living Libertine

Kathy Maniura: Objectified

Kelly McCaughan: Catholic Guilt

Krystal Evans: The Hottest Girl at Burn Camp

Lachlan Werner - Voices Of Evil

Leila Navabi: Composition

Lorna Rose Treen: Skin Pigeon

Louise Young: Feral

Moses Storm: Perfect Cult

Paddy Young: Hungry, Horny, Scared

Stu Murphy: Debut

Tadiwa Mahlunge: Inhibition Exhibition

These prizes were created in June, when it looked like the long-running Edinburgh Comedy Awards might not be going ahead. The Edinburgh Comedy Awards have since found funding, but The (ISH) Edinburgh Comedy Awards decided to continue regardless. The organisers explain: "The ISH Awards (Insert Sponsor Here) are still looking for a sponsor so to get your name on the awards please get in touch through the website - we are looking for a one-off sponsorship of £20k (your name instead of ISH on all publicity) so we can give £10k, £5k and £5k respectively to the winners of Best Show, Best Newcomer and Panel Prize. Otherwise the trophy is what will count!"

Sarah Bowles

Comedy producer and comedian Sarah Bowles is overseeing the ISH Awards. She says: "We have been blown away by the incredible support the Awards has received from comedians, producers, all the amazing venues that have given the judges comps, and the Edinburgh Comedy Awards themselves who have been so supportive of the process. We love the Edinburgh Comedy Awards, and this idea came about when it looked like they weren't going ahead this year - we are so pleased that they are and are so grateful for their support and we can't wait to hear their nominees next week too."

Talking to comedians at the Fringe, she adds: "As we all know, being judged as well as judging is hard and unscientific, but our main rule was did the show make the audience and/or judge laugh lots on the day we saw it, and do we think it could be judged as the best show or the best newcomer on the Fringe. That's quite a high bar of course. Not everyone can win and be nominated, and not being on these lists doesn't mean your show isn't great, we saw a lot of great shows that aren't on this list as we need to keep the list down and make the cut somewhere - and there's always a chance that we saw your on the wrong day for you (doesn't that always happen?!)

"What we are saying is this list obviously does not represent by any means the definitive list of what is great at the Fringe, it's just our panel of judges' opinions, and at the end of the day you will hear much better from the streets and word of mouth what to see, always listen to the streets rather than awards and reviews!"

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