Künt launches second bid for Christmas No. 1

Sunday 28th November 2021, 10:16am by Ian Wolf

  • Comedy punk singer Künt is aiming to top the Christmas music charts
  • His band The Kunts reached No. 5 in 2020 with Boris Johnson Is A F****** C***
  • He is encouraging his fans to buy and stream Boris Johnson Is Still A F****** C*** from 17th December

Controversial comedy singer Künt has launched a new bid to top the Christmas music chart, having reached No. 5 in 2020.

Last year, he and his punk band The Kunts released the track Boris Johnson Is A Fucking Cunt in the hope of leading the charts. While he failed to reach the top spot (which was taken by Ladbaby, for the third year in a row), the track still managed to reach the top five; partly due to the strategy of releasing multiple versions of the song with the same title, and encouraging people to repeatedly stream the song.

He entered the Top 10 despite a lack of mainstream media playouts. The BBC refused to play the track, or even name either the band or the song, because of the offensive words involved.

Now The Kunts have released a video for their follow-up single, Boris Johnson Is Still A Fucking Cunt, which depicts the band as the Ghostbusters hunting the Prime Minister. The video ends with a message telling people to wait until the 17th December to stream and download the track, to help it chart.

Kunt spoke in a March 2021 British Comedy Guide interview about his 2020 chart attempt, saying: "Even though the song went top 5, I don't feel like my business is properly concluded with Boris Johnson as he's still there, still in charge and still every bit as much of a fucking cunt."

More information about the track and the motivations behind it can be viewed via borisjohnson.info

The Kunts are set to perform a small tour in December, visiting Milton Keynes, Bristol, Manchester, Leeds, London and Nottingham. Dates and tickets at kuntandthegang.co.uk

In 2011 Kunt & The Gang were joint winners (with Bob Slayer) of the increasingly prestigious Malcolm Hardee Award for "Cunning Stunt" at the Edinburgh Fringe, for issuing penis-shaped promotional stickers that were intended to be stuck on other comedians' posters. It led to complaints from other performers and venues about their posters being vandalised by Kunt's fans.

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