Len Marten

Len Marten is an actor and writer.


Year Production Role
1985 The Freddie Starr Comedy Express Writer
1979 Fawlty Towers - Series 2
  1. E4 - The Kipper And The Corpse
1978 The Upchat Connection
  1. E1 - The Torchbearer
Balloon Seller
1978 Selwyn
  1. E4 - Take A Tip From Selwyn
Stately Home Guide
1978 Miss Jones And Son - Series 2
  1. E1 - More Fish In The Sea
Club Secretary
1977 Odd Man Out
  1. E1 - A Chip Off The Old Block
Ticket Collector
1977 The Upchat Line
  1. E1 - Pulling

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