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The Kunts smash into the first look charts at No. 12

Amusingly, BBC Radio 1 presenters Vick Hope and Katie Thistleton awkwardly skipped over the foul-mouthed tirade saying: "At 12 there's a song we can't name because of explicit language."

Robin Murray, Clash Music, 19th December 2022

The Kunts on creating the unlikeliest contender for Christmas No.1

Merry Christmas! The Kunts on creating 'F**k The Tories' and taking on the 'f*****g drivel' of LadBaby for the festive top spot.

Nick Reilly, Rolling Stone, 19th December 2022

The Kunts are back - talking festive upsets, political chaos, and LadBaby

With their track "F*ck The Tories" already making waves, hopes are high that The Kunts can crash into the charts when they're revealed a week on Friday (December 23rd, mark it down).

Robin Murray, Clash Music, 14th December 2022

The Kunts call out LadBaby: "Sausage roll grifter"

Social media driven duo LadBaby claimed Christmas No. 1 last year, but the campaign saw a significant backlash. The Kunts took umbrage with the pair's apolitical stance, and the ruckus developed into a mutual war-of-words.

Robin Murray, Clash Music, 12th December 2022

Kunt and the Gang appear to have new song slagging off 'sausage roll c***' LadBaby

The musical comedian, whose songs include the likes of Prince Andrew Is A Sweaty N*nce and Boris Johnson Is Still A F*cking C*nt, appeared to take aim at the artist, real name Mark Hoyle, in his latest track.

Cydney Yeates, Metro, 29th November 2022

Künt reveals third attempt for Christmas No. 1

Controversial comedy singer Künt's third attempt at the Xmas No. 1 music chart is entitled Fuck The T*ries.

British Comedy Guide, 17th November 2022

Künt's Shannon Matthews movie funded via Kickstarter

A film adaptation of a musical by controversial award-winning comedy singer Künt has been funded on Kickstarter in under 24 hours.

British Comedy Guide, 1st October 2022

The Kunts interview

Humour and politics, these are two key ingredients to The Kunts recent releases. From pushing for Christmas number one to calling out "that" member of the royal family, the band have certainly grabbed the attention on the UK whether you agree with their messages or not. With the Political climate about to change once more in the UK we had the privilege of speaking with Mr Kunt himself! Here's what was said.

Fraser Kerr, The Rock Fix, 2nd September 2022

Fringe show on the kidnapping of Shannon Matthews deemed 'inappropriate'

The controversial show that has already been banned from several venues in Yorkshire has been deemed 'sick' and 'inappropriate' as it does a four week run at the Festival Fringe.

Iona Young, Edinburgh Live, 9th August 2022

Controversial Edinburgh Fringe Shannon Matthews show creator looking to cash in with t-shirt

Despite the controversy, audiences have praised the show which focuses on the bizarre disappearance of Shannon Matthews in 2008 - but others want it pulled from the festival.

Douglas Dickie, Scottish Daily Express, 8th August 2022

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