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Künt reveals third attempt for Christmas No. 1

Thursday 17th November 2022, 6:34pm by Ian Wolf

  • Künt has announced the song Fuck The T*ries, his third attempt to top the Christmas music charts
  • His 2020 and 2021 singles Boris Johnson Is A Fucking Cunt & Boris Johnson Is Still A Fucking Cunt reached No. 5
  • His Platinum Jubilee single Prince Andrew Is A Sweaty Nonce topped the Indie chart in 2022

Controversial comedy singer Künt has released a teaser trailer for his third attempt for the No. 1 spot in the Christmas music chart.

Having reached the fifth spot twice in the past two years with his foul-mouthed comedy protest songs Boris Johnson Is A Fucking Cunt and Boris Johnson Is Still A Fucking Cunt with his band The Kunts, his latest attempt is a song entitled Fuck The T*ries - with the word "Tories" being censored instead of the swearing in the title, but not in the song itself. He released a teaser video for the song earlier today, at the same time as the government was releasing the Autumn budget statement.

The song will be released on 16th December.

The Facebook page for The Kunts for Christmas No.1 campaign also posted a message, saying that the single will have, appropriately enough for Künt, 69 uses of the f-word. The current record for the most uses of the f-word in a Christmas No. 1 is 17, in Rage Against The Machine's Killing In The Name, which topped the chart in 2009 as part of a protest against the domination of The X Factor in the festive charts at the time.

Since Künt and his band began their attempts at topping the charts, they have been censored a number of times. The BBC have refused to play their songs, at times refusing to even name Künt, allude to the titles, or explain what the song is about.

In May 2022, the band released the single Prince Andrew Is A Sweaty Nonce, a song attacking the Duke of York in the hope of getting into the singles charts for the time of Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee. The day before the music video was to debut on YouTube, the video website took down his channel, but Künt got around the problem by getting his supporters to download the video and posting it on their own channels. The song reached No. 20 in the singles chart, No. 1 in the indie chart, and a video of a masked flashmob singing the song on The Mall got over 1.4 million views on TikTok.

When the song was reported in the chart, the Official Charts Company censored the word "nonce" in the title despite not being a swearword, resulting in many people thinking a different n-word had been covered up. The Offical Charts Company also refused to put up links to buy and listen to the song when it charted, which it did for all the other songs that week.

In October, Künt and the Yorkshire-based theatre company Tuppence Ha'penny successfully crowdfunded the production of Künt's stage show Shannon Matthews: The Musical into a film, with Shannon Matthews: The Musical - The Movie currently in production. One of the successfully met stretch goals was to make a trailer for Künt's next stage project: The Great Sausage Roll Swindle - LadBaby: The Musical, mocking the man whose sausage roll-themed charity singles denied The Kunts the No. 1 Christmas spot twice, with LadBaby (real name Mark Hoyle) topping the Christmas charts four years in a row.

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