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  • Musical comedian, writer, composer, producer and actor

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Kunt and the Gang calls it a day

Kunt And The Gang, the cult musical comedian known for his crude songs, is to call it a day. The Essex-based act, whose real name is never disclosed, has released six studios albums in his 13-year career, played more than 2,000 gigs and is a minor internet star.

Chortle, 12th September 2016

Kunt And The Gang interview

Kunt and the Gang will be making a double appearance at this year's Fringe.

Howard Gorman, PPSF Webzine, 1st August 2012


Our maverick reviewer Barrie Morgan talks to Kunt about the politics of penises. Views do not necessarily reflect those of The Skinny. Strong language from the start. Cocks may go up as well as down....

Barrie Morgan, The Skinny, 25th August 2011

Wendy Wason Edinburgh blog: who's the real Kunt here?

Is it Kunt and the Gang for their cock-and-balls poster stunt? Is it promoters and venues getting precious about it? Or is it us comics for spending so much on posters in the first place, asks Wendy Wason?

Wendy Wason, London Is Funny, 22nd August 2011

Kunt and the Gang's stickers may result in £3,000 fine

A comedian who gave his audience penis shaped stickers to adorn posters at the Edinburgh Fringe may have landed himself with a £3,000 fine.

Such Small Portions, 20th August 2011

Kunt and the Gang apologises for defacing posters

Following angry complaints from comedians and venues, Kunt and the Gang has issued a tongue-in-cheek apology for being the catalyst behind many of this year's Edinburgh posters being defaced with penis stickers...

British Comedy Guide, 18th August 2011

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