Kieran Hodgson writing 'Liz Truss: The Musical'

Thursday 30th November 2023, 5:00pm by Jay Richardson

Kieran Hodgson

Kieran Hodgson is writing a musical about Liz Truss' tumultuous period as Prime Minister.

The quadruple Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee previously wrote and starred in Channel 4's Prince Andrew: The Musical, playing the Duke of York.

And he has begun writing songs and is seeking financial backing for an all-singing, all-dancing recreation of Truss' ill-fated premiership, which lasted a mere 50 days.

"It's a story that has a perfect beginning, middle and end in our national consciousness that needs revisiting as often as possible" Hodgson told The List magazine. "It's both hilarious and quite emblematic of the mess that the Establishment can create but also the swiftness with which it can clear that mess away."

Kieran Hodgson

The Two Doors Down star also told the Glasgow and Edinburgh culture magazine that he has ambitions to turn his acclaimed live show, Big In Scotland, into a sitcom. And that he is "desperate to make a show about HS2.

"I've kept my love of trains in reserve as a matter for discussion on stage" he said. "But there's sufficient drama around that decision to justify doing something about it."

Hodgson was speaking to The List for their Hot 100 issue of Scottish cultural movers and shakers, where he placed 9th, behind stand-ups Fern Brady (2nd) and Marjolein Robertson (3rd), with the Yorkshireman qualifying because he lives in Glasgow.

Prince Andrew: The Musical. Image shows left to right: Emily Maitlis (Emma Sidi), Prince Charles (Munya Chawawa), Prince Andrew (Kieran Hodgson), Sarah Ferguson (Jenny Bede)

Tracing the fallout from the prince's disastrous Newsnight interview with Emily Maitlis, Prince Andrew: The Musical aired on New Year's Eve 2022. Nominated for best comedy entertainment in the Rose d'Or Awards on Monday, it co-starred Munya Chawawa, Emma Sidi, Jenny Bede, Harry Enfield, Joe Wilkinson and drag queen Baga Chipz.

Currently appearing as the highly strung Gordon in Two Doors Down's seventh series, its first on BBC One, Hodgson will resume touring Big In Scotland on 16th January with a 12-show residency at the Soho Theatre in London.

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