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Kieran Hodgson: Big In Scotland

Kieran Hodgson
  • 11th Sep 2023 - 6th Apr 2024

Big In Scotland is the story of being a not-quite immigrant in a not-quite different country. It's a journey of discovery and belonging, as Kieran's Anglo-centric view of the UK is challenged and destroyed by a cast of Scottish characters, and as Kieran himself builds a new life for himself that he could have never imagined.

Kieran Hodgson had a plan. It was to be one of those London people: wandering the streets of Chelsea, Tottenham and Leyton Orient, doing guest roles on Radio 4 sitcoms alongside Nigel Havers, and laughing scornfully at the provinces. But was this really the route to Kieran's happiness? Is it anyone's?

Then everything changed: in 2020 Kieran moved to Scotland because of his husband's job, plunging a world still in shock from the Pandemic into further confusion. Who would Kieran be in this strange new land? Could he become someone totally different - better, even? Was he now obliged to give ill-informed opinions about independence to English members of his family? What was the difference between a stooshie and a rammy, and could Kieran discover it in time not to make an idiot of himself while trying to make new Scottish friends?

At a time when numerous obituaries for the United Kingdom are being written, Big In Scotland takes a look at the non-newsy aspects of the England-Scotland relationship and makes the political both personal and daft. Kieran learns Gaelic (a bit), climbs Munros (a few), ends up starring in a Scottish sitcom (not really starring as he's a secondary character). He meets Prime Ministers and panto stars, Weegies and Walter Scott. He asks himself and the people of his new home whether he belongs, though it turns out the answer is perhaps less important than how you ask the question.

There's a song and maybe a tartan jacket, depending on how hot the venue is.


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