Emily Berrington

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Review: The Hippopotamus

The film adaptation of Stephen Fry's The Hippopotamus is no less an exposé of the writer's views and temperament than is his novel - Fry is brilliantly witty, unapologetically bawdy, and mercilessly cynical.

Catherine Sedgwick, The Upcoming, 23rd May 2017

Dead Funny review

Terry Johnson's 1994 play is exactly what it says in the title: it's dead funny.

Neil Norman, The Daily Express, 18th November 2016

Dead Funny review

Terrific revival of Terry Johnson's modern classic.

Veronica Lee, The Arts Desk, 4th November 2016

Dead Funny review

Terry Johnson's comedy is just the thing to cheer us up as the nights get colder.

Fiona Mountford, Evening Standard, 4th November 2016

Dead Funny review

A modern comedy classic with a hugely talented cast, Dead Funny is dead easy to recommend.

Stuart Boyland, The Upcoming, 4th November 2016

Review: Dead Funny

This is more than just a tribute to TV's Golden Age comedians; it's a show that will make your sides split and your heart ache in the same breath. And that's no mean feat.

Lucinda Everett, What's On Stage, 4th November 2016

Dead Funny review

Katherine Parkinson is stunning as a woman sardonically sniping from the sidelines as her future fades away.

Dominic Maxwell, The Times, 4th November 2016

Dead Funny review

It's not clear why Dead Funny has remained dormant for so long, for this revival, directed by Terry Johnson, hits all the marks with strong actors, great characters, and a bitingly funny script than conspire to make a show as funny as any of the comedy greats it celebrates.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 4th November 2016