Desmond Walter Ellis

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Desmond Walter Ellis is an actor.

Year Production Role
1970 The Rise And Rise Of Michael Rimmer (as Desmond Walter-Ellis) Buffery
1969 The Assassination Bureau Limited (as Desmond Walter-Ellis) Equerry
1969 ....Can Heironymus Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe And Find True Happiness? (as Desmond Walter-Ellis) Philip Bluster
1968 Beggar My Neighbour - Series 3 (as Desmond Walter-Ellis)
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  1. E1 - Old Before My Time
  2. E2 - Ask Me No Questions
  3. E3 - Is There Anybody There?
  4. E4 - Whiter Shade Of Yellow
  5. E5 - Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
  6. E6 - Grey Flannel Love Suit
  7. E7 - What About The Workers?
  8. E8 - Whose Baby Are You?
  9. E9 - Drink To Me Only
Gerald Garvey
1967 Beggar My Neighbour - Series 2 (as Desmond Walter-Ellis)
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  1. E1 - Let 'Em Eat Cake
  2. E2 - A Host Of Friends
  3. E3 - No Bed Of Rose's
  4. E4 - Laying Down The Law
  5. E5 - My Fair Harry Butt
  6. E6 - For Better, For Worse
  7. Special - Christmas Night With The Stars
Gerald Garvey
1966 The Great St. Trinian's Train Robbery Leonard Edwards
1953 Reggie Little At Large (as Desmond Walter-Ellis) Actor
1949 A Run For Your Money (as Desmond Walter-Ellis) Station Announcer

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