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Brass Eye's outtakes show the brutal TV comedy was the tip of an iceberg

With rare footage and personal insights, the documentary Oxide Ghosts is a must-see for fans of Chris Morris's satire, which is 25 years old.

Brian Logan, The Guardian, 22nd March 2022

Brass Eye: Secrets from the UK's Most Controversial Comedy

As it celebrates its 25th TV anniversary, director Michael Cumming talks about working with Chris Morris and his documentary homage Oxide Ghosts.

Daniel Dylan Wray,, 28th January 2022

When Brass Eye ambushed The Time, The Place

Twenty-five years ago, the 'unembarrassable' satirist Chris Morris terrorised the famous and gullible. But host John Stapleton didn't quite fall for it.

Tom Fordy, The Telegraph, 28th January 2022

The Day Today is still funny in fake news era

Armando Iannucci and Chris Morris's satire first aired 27 years ago. These days the media is almost too shameless to satirise, but - as the cast reunite - the show's hilarity remains.

Phil Harrison, The Guardian, 13th August 2021

The Day Today team reunite for 30th anniversary celebration

The team behind The Day Today have reunited for a 30th anniversary documentary on Radio 4.

British Comedy Guide, 4th August 2021

Stewart Lee: Unreliable Narrator review

To research this Radio 4 essay about the role of the unreliable narrator, Stewart Lee spent almost three weeks with the Inrravat people of northern Canada, who believe in a trickster god whose stories cannot be trusted. What did he learn about this ancient culture? Well, almost nothing in a literal sense as all their stories - as you might expect - are based on lies and exaggeration.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 13th June 2021

The attempted suicide of Partridge & other characters

A look at sitcom characters and suicide, or attempted suicide. Includes talk about Neil in The Young Ones, Denholm Reynholm in The IT Crowd, and a Toblerone-addicted Alan Partridge's barefoot drive to Dundee.

David E. J. A. Bennett, Capers Magazine, 25th May 2021

British comedy needs a new Brass Eye

Now, more than ever, we need the fierce intelligence of a Chris Morris to hold a mirror up to our fractured society. Imagine what delicious mincemeat he would make of the wearisome culture war or the limp ineptitude of our current batch of politicians. As for Covid and the whole vaccine palaver, he'd probably just shrug and say 'let them eat cake' in his best Ted Maul drawl.

James Innes-Smith, The Spectator, 23rd February 2021

Video: Brass Eye's 'Sutcliffe: The Musical'

It caused a pretty big furore at the time, imagining that Sutcliffe had been allowed out of Broadmoor on day release for rehearsals to star in the show. According to the clip this sequence below was banned, but it looks pretty familiar to me. I should imagine if it was made now everyone involved would be sent to the Tower and told they would never work in television again whether it was shown or not.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 13th November 2020

Comedy under attack

With performers facing pressure from all sides, and working against a backdrop darker than the darkest satire, how to rescue the art form?

Marie Le Conte, Prospect Magazine, 13th October 2020

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